internet marketing

Building a website without internet marketing is like throwing a party without inviting the guests.

Let’s Party!

The weather is perfect. The DJ has mixed a super cool play list. The food is exquisite and the drinks are cold. This will be the best party ever…if the guests ever arrive! Cue the screeching tire sound effects. OMG! You forgot to send out the invites. Spending time, energy and money on a great website without internet marketing is just like throwing a fabulous party and not inviting anyone. What’s the point? Throw that online party! Plan it, send out invites and be the talk of the town.

Internet Marketing Party Planning To-Do List:

1) Guest List: Target your market. Who are the people you want to come to your site… the ones that have a need or interest in your services? Identify and invite! 2) Invitations: How are you going to get your target market to attend? Do key word research and present relevant content that attracts them to your site. In web lingo, this translates to SEO, blogging and social media efforts that increase your organic search rankings. 3) Entertainment: You got them there, now what? Make sure your decorations are awesome and the guests are having fun. In other words, make sure your site has a simple, clean design; is easy to navigate, has spectacular photography, custom iconography and info graphics. The better the experience, the longer they’ll stay. The more engaged they are, the better chance you have to convert them to a client. 4) Don’t leave yet!  Check your key performance indicators: traffic volume, reach, profit goals, ROI targets and demographic spread. Evaluate and make adjustments accordingly to keep clients on the site longer and coming back for more! Having the proper tools for accurate reporting is most helpful. 5) Party Favors: They like your party, so send them home with something meaningful. A downloadable pdf with great industry tips…A free consultation…A sample of your most popular product. 6) Update your address book: Or your CRM. You’ve met all these new friends, so stay in touch. Get an email address so you can send interesting facts, industry updates, links to blogs, weather and travel tips. Invest in the lifetime value of a client and you’ll keep them forever.

Who knew internet marketing could be so fun? Start planning your party now.