Producing Creative and Compelling Video for your Company

Studies have shown the human attention span lasts for about eight seconds. How are you expected to compete with that statistic?
The answer is clear: video marketing.


Website Video

Creating compelling video for your website and brand is a resource the team at OCG Creative offers to you. 

Let’s face it, pictures only do so much justice to your brand. With video production, your clients will get a full-scope of what your business is all about with visually captivating content.

Video drives engagement!

Consumer behavior is something we cannot ignore. Video has become more important online. We’re constantly recognizing how it captures your audience’s attention.

The demand for video spreads across all social platforms – that doesn’t even include your own website. The goal here is to make consumers want to try your product or service. That bit of ‘wow’ factor can come directly from using video as a marketing tool.

Videos are easily shareable, clickable, and have shown retention rate to repeat customers on almost all digital platforms. 

Studies show video exceeds engagement better than traditional photo or design advertising. We’re not saying scrap all the photos of your business or product. Both of those still drive web traffic. Using video production as a resource and adding it into your content strategy will bring a new life to your brand.

Let’s Work Together

Video Metrics On Social Media

The success of your video content matters. Account Managers, PPC analysis and digital media managers at OCG Creative collaborate to help our clients understand just how social media video is boosting revenue and business.




We measure this based on a few factors:

Views – Who is watching?

Comments – Who is commenting?

Visits – Who visits your site after seeing the video?

Saves – Who saves your videos?

Messages – How many times the video has been shared through direct message?

Follows – How many new followers after videos have been posted?

Reach – How often video posts show up?

Impressions – How many see or have seen the video posts?

Best part of measuring metrics is that this can be applied across multiple social platforms – and our digital management team will help you grow these factors.

How We Approach Video

Our approach comes in four basic steps:

Schedule. Shoot. Edit. Upload. 

We’ll first collaborate with you on a video strategy for both your hosted website and social platforms. From there, we’ll schedule a shoot. This could be us visiting your location or a job-site of yours’. 

We also have our in-house studio as a resource. Here, we make shooting content accessible for our clients and our team. It makes featuring your story and/or your products easy for us to get done in a timely manner. 

Once that’s done, our digital media team gets to work. Editing, polishing and publishing your videos. 

Our Capabilities

Our top-notch gear features state-of-the-art lighting, audio and visual equipment. Best part is, it’s all at your convenience.

Our digital video team works to market your product(s) with expert knowledge on video effects, transitions, and built in graphics. We dedicate time to finding the newest and best working plug-ins for our editing programs to speed up the process for a clean and compelling video production.

Going back to our on-site studio, it features a green screen chroma, which adds backdrop to your videos. You may have not figured out the ideal place to shoot – so we’re offering our space to you for video production in-house. Another perk, our team is mobile. We can bring the studio equipment right to you or wherever fits your brand’s ideal image. 

Another ‘soaring’ benefit, when using our video marketing team, is our ability to take our videos to another level. We offer you our operational drone to give you that extra perspective of landscapes, your business, or job locations.

YouTube and Other Platforms

By now, based on both trends and media studies, Social Media is a frontier for play-button-based content. It’s very like something you’ve recognized this trend because you likely play a part in it.

Pictures do justice for any advertisement or brand – but videos are the bits of the web people continue to share by the millions each and every day. 

Facebook and Instagram videos are more commonly shared amongst friends than any common 1:1 pic on both mobile and desktop apps. With measuring metrics and auditing your website, we can see just how crucial video is to reaching more than just your target audience.

To keep clients on your site, we use embedding via YouTube.

YouTube serves as the mecca of online video content. Plus, having your video content uploaded to YouTube has been shown to improve your engagement with audiences around the world. 

How We Work Together

Most agencies are fully booked for scheduled shoots. Our schedule focuses on YOUR schedule. We’ll schedule when it’s convenient for you.

Video shoots and editing take time – but we’ll make both of those processes convenient for you! Our media management team can meet you at your business, a job-site location, or OCG Creative’ studio at our offices in Reno, NV. Let us help you create compelling videos to introduce you, and your business, to the world.

Let’s Get Started:

    Privacy is very important to us and we never share or sell any of our information with anyone. You can be secure knowing we value and always safeguard your data and online presence.