Market Segmentation for Fun and Profit If you have been in business for a while, you’ve likely made discoveries about your industry, customers, and market. Hopefully, you’ve uncovered new opportunities and have a strong understanding of how to prosper and grow. Naturally, marketing plays a role in any growth plan. What follows are tools, especially… Read More

Designing a website for website lead generation is a tough business. Pulling together a great visual design with interesting content is relatively easy, but doing these things in a way that encourages people to fill out a contact form is a different story. The trick to creating great lead generating websites is designing a site… Read More

When you work in a web design company, in digital marketing, or in SEO, Google Algorithm updates are often a trigger for mild panic attacks. You hold your breath as you start to see the effects of the change. You cry a little if your traffic starts to tank, or you jump for joy if… Read More

I love sports! I love to play. I love to watch. I love to coach. Especially team sports. I love the camaraderie, the collaboration, the celebration. You win together. You lose together. For all these same reasons, approaching internet marketing as a team effort makes a heckuva lot of sense. Our favorite and most successful… Read More

Designing a website is a lot like buying a car, you want the car to be fast, attractive and affordable, as well as being just the perfect shade of race car red, while also accommodating your need to impress everyone by having all the latest gadgets and gizmos. I am no car expert, but I… Read More

    Building a website without internet marketing is like throwing a party without inviting the guests. Let’s Party! The weather is perfect. The DJ has mixed a super cool play list. The food is exquisite and the drinks are cold. This will be the best party ever…if the guests ever arrive! Cue the screeching… Read More

Web Design vs Internet Marketing Is Creative Web Design the Most Important Part? Creativity reigns supreme right? It is common knowledge that only the coolest websites get top exposure. Part of me, as a web designer, hopes this would be true. However, creative web design only takes a business so far. Ultimately, there are thousands… Read More

Effective Internet Marketing SEO Keyword Tracking and Other Internet Marketing Goals In Part I of this article, we explored primary website performance metrics and ways to ensure your data isn’t influenced by scumbag spammers. Now that you’re looking at unbiased numbers, let’s explore ways to make sure your efforts align with the goals you have… Read More

Evaluate your internet marketing strategy. What to measure and why. This article is heard toward small to medium sized businesses in moderately competitive markets. However, the fundamentals of evaluating online marketing efforts are largely the same for any business. It is important to recognize that an effective Internet marketing plan must take the competitive landscape… Read More

Setting a budget for business websites I just read something that struck me as both funny and poignant. It was an article about website budgets that pointed out how every project begins with what the author described as a “subtle psychological game of ‘you go first’” between the agency (us) and the potential client. The point of… Read More