Digital Marketing is an umbrella term that encompasses the use of digital channels to market products and services. This means using any digital platform including social media, TV ads, or online ads to apply marketing strategies. Internet marketing is a subset of digital marketing that requires the Internet to connect with leads and build your online presence. Some mediums that internet marketing does not include are TV ads, digital billboards, radio ads, and SMS texts.

  1. Mobile device consideration: A majority of consumer transactions are completed on mobile devices today. Every aspect of your digital marketing campaign should be mobile-friendly. 
  2. Organic Search: Properly optimizing your website so it appears in top search engine results is critical to maintaining online visibility and driving increased traffic to your site. This will position you for a higher potential of gaining new customers and clients, creating more opportunities to reach whatever your goals may be.
  3. Content Marketing: The creation and sharing of online material intended to create interest in products or services. This is a key component of your digital marketing strategy, as it can increase visitors, user engagement, and ultimately convert prospects into customers or clients. 
  4. Social Media Marketing: As social media is a vast and easy connection tool for the world today, utilizing a variety of social platforms to increase brand awareness makes it a powerful internet marketing tool. Use it to share information and distribute content on your products or services to create potential for interaction and connections with prospective customers and clients. 
  5. Email Marketing & Website Optimization: A great website attracts your prospects to your content, but may not always convert them or lead to a sale. Email marketing can effectively reinforce your goals, as research has been collected pointing to a higher purchase inclination from the consumer in response to a well-executed email campaign. 

At OCG Creative, a Field Strategist maintains frequent contact with clients to update them on important marketing components that they are assisting with, such as SEO progress, or ideas for future initiatives. This role is based on a partnership, where there is mutual idea exchange, and the Field Strategist uses their expertise to pinpoint how they can market for their client to have the greatest impact. 

Yes, we are! Our range of services include internet marketing, web lead generation, SEO services, web design & development, e-commerce website assistance, CRM & marketing automation, brand strategy, and digital printing services.