Reno Internet Marketing Team
OCG Creative

Joe Ross



Jill Rutherford

Vice President


Todd Smith

VP Engineering


Charles Driver

General Manager


Chelsea Bosco

Director of Development and Design


Jason Molt

Data Science & Engineering

Kyle Kuczynski OCG Creative

Kyle Kuczynski

IM Specialist

Sarah Parks

Sarah Parks

IM Specialist

Clay Halliday OCG

Clay Halliday

IM Associate

Jena Forsberg OCG

Jena Forsberg

IM Associate

Jessica Parikh OCG

Jessica Parikh

IM Associate


Linda Ross

Office Assistant

Reno Web Design

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We are a Digital Marketing Agency: Web Design, Marketing Automation, CRM, Email, Print

OCG Creative is a digital marketing agency specializing in all stages of the buyer’s journey. Our services include website design and development, SEO, online lead generation, e-commerce, marketing automation, CRM and email marketing. We work with
retailers and manufacturers to develop data-driven campaigns leading to the highest possible ROI, and maximum lifetime value. Our programs make it possible for you to concentrate on being an expert in your business, while we manage the complex technical
and strategic challenges that make up the modern competitive landscape. In short, we help you reach more customers and keep them longer. For a manageable cost, you’ll have the best possible tools, resulting in a competitive advantage you’ll be able
to measure in increased profits.