Reno Web Design

Reno Web Design

Your website is the hub of your digital marketing mix. We have responsive website design down cold.

Reno Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

Attract more website visitors. SEO, PPC and conversion rate optimization. CRM & Marketing Automation.

Reno Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Healthier lead flow by generating more leads online. Increase lifetime value. Maintain a stronger pipeline.

We are a Reno web design and marketing agency. We specialize in all areas related to business marketing, as well as client retention, lead generation, web engineering, and even print.

OCG Creative solutions include: web design, web development, web hosting, online video, SEO, CRM, WordPress development, email marketing, social media, PPC and business branding among others.

We Don’t Just
Design Websites

Your website is one stop along the buyer’s journey. Without a plan for driving visitors to your website, you really don’t have much, even if it looks super cool. Your website is (well, should be) one component of your Internet marketing ecosystem™.

The buyer’s journey:
  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Decision
  • Advocacy

It takes a considerable investment to design a website and get it online. It makes no sense to just throw it up on the Internet and cross your fingers. Hope is not a strategy. For that matter, your website is not a strategy. Strategy is what you do to drive traffic to your website.

Our Internet marketing programs provide all of the components of the strategic marketing ecosystem that makes the difference between “online presence,” vs. online sales and online lead generation.

Reno Web Design

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Web Design is a component of your
Internet Marketing Strategy

You can’t separate Internet marketing components. You need a strategy for each phase of the buyer’s journey. During the awareness phase, web design plays a minor role. Aside from its impact on SEO, the design of your website is meaningless until people actually see it–during the consideration and decision phases.

Web design is critically important, but building awareness is the real website goal.

We analyze each stage of the buyer journey individually, and develop a plan for meeting objectives relevant to that stage.

Internet Marketing Components
that support the buyer’s journey




  • CRM
  • Payment Processing
  • Information & Content Strategy
  • Sales Support
  • Credibility
  • Website Testimonials
  • Other Online Testimonials


Web Design is
just the Start

Call it integrated marketing, cross platform marketing, multi-channel marketing or whatever you want. If you are in business, and you care about finding and keeping customers, you need a lot more than just a website.

Of course, you need to look great, so the OCG design team is all in, creating your brand and policing your image. Designing logos, color psychology, the entire process should be one of the most rewarding aspects of building your business, so as a web design agency we try to ensure that we will get it right.

Throughout your campaign, you’ll know exactly what we are doing and why. We work with you to re-evaluate your goals to ensure we are constantly moving forward. Depending on your business, your digital marketing strategy can include any or all of the following services.

The Internet Marketing Ecosystem™

Reno Logo Design

Brand Strategy

Create a brand that is polished and always top of mind. Logo design, color psychology, standards of use, even business cards. Right now, we have a business branding and business card special. Call to find out about it. (775) 324-1644

Reno Web Design

Web Design & Development

Your website design is critical for SEO and increased conversions. Being considered a web design agency, we spent the last two years re-engineering our web design & development process and are a top local SEO company. Often, we can get your custom website live in less than a week. Seriously.

Reno Internet Marketing. Reno SEO.

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is all about reach, lead generation and direct online sales. Effective online marketing involves SEO, CRM, CRO, marketing automation, email marketing, local SEO, social media and dozens of other elements.

Reno Lead Generation

Marketing Automation

Automated marketing leads to increased ROI and helps you keep customers for life. It is a complex and specialized form of online marketing. Marketing automation typically begins with CRM. It’s a lot of work, but we’ll make it easy for you.

Reno Printing Services

Printing Services

We brand and build your business online and offline. We are still one of Reno’s top suppliers of printed business materials. Business cards, banners, brochures, forms, trade show booths, even jackets and hats. Soon, you can order printing online.