Local search is completely different than global search.

Specifically, Reno local search engine optimization (local SEO) deals with how your business appears in search results that are location-specific to the Reno, NV area. Map results, the Google local pack and Google My Business (GMB) are examples. These search results are heavily influenced by the physical location of the searcher. In fact, location is so important, search engines index local results separately from the main search results on the page.

Available data suggests 1 out of every 3 customers will use his/her smartphone to conduct a local search prior to visiting a store. Often, these visitors are looking basic information like hours of operation, your address, or maybe brands you carry or clues about what’s on your menu. Presenting nearby businesses makes it easy for searchers on the go.

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Local SEO is a vital element in cross-channel marketing.

In some ways, local SEO is easier for Reno business owners to manage compared to traditional SEO. This is because much of the work involves filling out forms and uploading pictures—common activities for most people. However, location also has a major influence on global search engine rankings. This presents challenges. For example, many companies do business nationally or internationally out of a single business address. Positioning these as local can have an impact on rankings outside their local market.

Local search visitors are often ready to buy.

We take Reno local SEO very seriously. Searchers conducting local searches are typically very close to making a purchase. Often, they’ve decided what they want, and are now deciding where to get it. We provide local SEO services to Reno businesses because although it is comparatively straightforward, many search engine optimizers find it just as challenging as on-page SEO. This is especially true in highly competitive markets.

Your local profile must be focused, accurate and complete.

9 out of 10 customers will trust other customers more than a business. None of our internet marketing efforts exist in a vacuum, so we don’t just optimize your local listing. We use direct marketing tools to strengthen the bond between you and your customers.

Much better is the ability to see real human users interact with the pages on your site—to actually trace mouse movements, scrolling and clicks. We call this session recording and it is an eye-opener. Similarly, we use heat maps representing cumulative mouse click, scroll, and movement information as a roadmap for wording or placement of objects. Used along with other advanced tracking metrics, the experts at our Reno internet marketing company can tell exactly what interests visitors and what doesn’t. More importantly, we get instant feedback from real customers to guide design decisions.

Local SEO is a vital element in cross-channel marketing.

Effective internet marketing involves a lot of components. Local search is one of them, but it can’t exist in a bubble. Local SEO is directly related to on-site SEO. No matter how strong your local listing, your website is at the center of your online universe. Better keyword focus on your website will contribute to higher search rankings for both.

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