Web Lead Generation

If your website was created for business, web lead generation is probably a main goal. With an eCommerce site, you still have to generate a lead even if the entire transaction takes place online. There can be many different levels of leads. Some are decision makers or influencers with a clear and present need for your product or service, others are more casual. Maybe they just want a question answered or found your website by accident while looking for something else. Whatever it may be, our internet marketing agency in Reno can assist you with our web lead generation services.

To qualify as a “lead” assumes that an individual has provided some means for followup contact—phone number, email address, etc. And that you have some indication that there might be a need for your product or service.

Web lead generation requires that you are (a) visible, and (b) compelling enough to make people want to give you their contact information. Creating visibility in Reno and elsewhere with web lead generation involves some combination of SEO, advertising, social media, and offline promotion. When someone gives you their contact information, we call that a conversion.

The key to attracting people to your website and converting them into leads is content. It takes content to achieve top search engine rankings. It takes content to show your website visitors you are serious about what you do. It takes content to convey what makes you better than your competitors.

Most businesses struggle with content. Usually, time is the issue, but writing ability and design skills aren’t far behind. Perhaps more important are strategy and editorial planning. Lead web generation content for Reno businesses has to attract interested prospects AND motivate them to take action. Since online search is essential to visibility, you’re writing for both man and machine.

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Almost 100% of the time, you’ll have a more productive, less stressful experience by letting us handle your content. Content marketing is our thing. We know how to get search engines to index content that interests real human readers. We also know a thing or two about getting visitors excited enough to take action.

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Nurturing Leads Online

Companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales ready leads at 33% lower cost (Forrester Research).

Not every lead turns into a customer overnight. Often, converting interest into new business takes months, or even years. A lead without followup is just a contact. Maybe you get an email or a phone call asking a question. If you answer it and leave it at that, it’s not a lead. It’s a wasted opportunity.

Think of it as the difference between fishing and hunting. Fishermen wait. Hunters pursue. That’s not to suggest fishing is a bad strategy (inbound marketing is a fishing tactic), but when you get a nibble, do you set the hook or hope the fish will hook itself? That’s your sales pipeline, and if you are in business you have a sales pipeline whether you think you do or not.

Change from a contact strategy to a website lead generation strategy.

Begin by listing the questions your current and potential customers ask. Next, make it your goal to answer those questions before they’re even asked. Nearly 100% of the time, your website visitors found you online through an attempt to answer a question or solve a problem. Anticipating questions, and providing ready answers keeps people on your website and establishes you as the best source for information.

Resist the urge to try to control the flow of the information you provide. Website visitors will decide whether or not they’ve found what they want in only a few fractions of a second. This is part of the reason “splash pages” are a not a good idea when it comes to Reno web design and lead generation.

Website visitors have a way of ignoring what you want them to to do and finding information their own. Forget about your sales pitch and focus on proving you are the leading expert in your industry. Don’t even bother trying to sell. Attract website leads through “thought leadership,” a term internet marketing people made up because it sounds smart.

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Nurturing Website Leads

Having established that the best way to attract leads is by being generous with your subject matter and further realizing that a lead is a contact with method and purpose. The trick is to keep them moving through your sales funnel. The top of your sales funnel is the first point of contact. It can be a form fill, phone call, email, or something else. What you do next is the key to turning contacts into customers.

There is a tool for that called CRM for client relationship management. Or is it customer retention management or client retention management? It really doesn’t matter. The critical point is that you forget about trying to manage leads from your email inbox.

CRM makes it possible to manage every stage of every contact (lead, opportunity, project) and maintain important details like purchase history, note about prior conversations, research, even birthdays and pet names if it help you close the deal.

We include CRM, free.

When you contract with OCG Creative to manage your internet marketing, CRM is free. All of your (our) Reno web lead generation efforts feed the CRM. You’ll still get email notifications with all the important details, but now those leads will be stored forever in your CRM. You’ll be able to find them along with every detail over time, simply by looking.

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