We’re here because internet marketing is hard.

Not long ago, the internet was a frontier. You could publish your website and expect people to find it. To many, the internet was the great equalizer and search engines were fair. Internet marketing isn’t the same today which is why hiring a Reno internet marketing agency would be beneficial for your business.

Things are different now. A recent study shows just over half of website traffic comes from organic search. At the same time, organic search generates 40% of revenue generate online.

While mobile screen space has increased, Google has reduced mobile search results from 10 to just 8.5. Even the desktop typically displays fewer than 10 results.

Did you know: The majority of businesses spend over $5,000 on SEO alone.

Online search is just the beginning of internet marketing. Social media, review websites, online video, and massive changes in consumer behavior have made the digital marketing landscape both a challenge and an opportunity for the average business.

Navigate the internet marketing landscape.

The internet is so influential and ubiquitous, you simply have to be online to compete. Even consumers that hear about you elsewhere will check you out online before visiting your location. In fact, over 90% of your walk-in customers will have been to your website—as well as all of your competitors’ websites.

So, the first critical step to competing online is to have a website. Believe it or not, as many as half of businesses still don’t. If yours is one of them, find out more about the Reno web design services our internet marketing agency offers.

If your business does have a website, start thinking about its contribution to reaching your business growth objectives. A website that doesn’t make your business better, stronger, and more profitable is just an expense.

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Be greedy

51% of website traffic comes from online search. Of the other 49 percent, an estimated 10% is generated by paid search, 5% from social media and 34% from all other sources. So, while online search is critically important, even the number 1 spot on Google earns just 32.5% traffic share. The lesson: If you want to win online, you have to be everywhere. OCG Creative is an internet marketing agency in Reno that can take care of all of this for you.

Being everywhere online requires A LOT of internet marketing.

The average content length of a Google first page result is close to 2,000 words. Given that ‘page one’ generates 91.5% of all organic website traffic, at minimum you’ll be writing that many words for every search phrase you’re competing for. Even then, word count isn’t a magic formula for top rankings. Choosing the right words is essential when it comes to SEO and local SEO services in Reno. We use expensive, state-of-the-art tools and still spend hours researching and selecting just a single key-phrase.

Also consider social media. Just like organic search, you need to be at least as visible as your top competitors. Depending on your market, that might require generating and posting to several social media channels multiple times a day which our agency can do for you.

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You don’t get to choose

Business is rough. Every day your competitors are working hard to eat away at your share of the market. An aggressive competitor with cash and inertia can steal your customers practically overnight. In some cases, literally overnight because the internet knows no hours and is unaffected by timezones. If you are locked into “normal business hours,” you are out of the game for 2/3 of your competitor’s workday.

What this means is you don’t get to choose how you compete. That’ll be decided by your most aggressive, dedicated, and agile competitor. Even if you are a market leader, you face blind spots around every corner. That’s especially true in marketing and relationship management.

You can assess your competitor’s website, watch their commercials, drive past billboards and evaluate their locations. These are all things you can see, evaluate, and mitigate. You can build a better website or write better commercials. You can even move. However, what you can’t see is the most dangerous to your business.

Ultimately, the business with the best ability to forge and maintain lasting relationships will be the one that comes out on top. Getting there requires knowing the internet marketing landscape and having the right tools and resources, plus enough bandwidth to take action. Our Reno web design and internet marketing team does that and for far less than the cost of hiring a single employee, let alone an entire in-house marketing staff.

Internet marketing is a team sport.

Web design and internet marketing are massive, complicated activities. There are web providers that would have you believe otherwise, but most of these just sell DIY website subscriptions. If you are serious about driving sales, think about the digital marketing landscape as an ecosystem.

An impactful marketing ecosystem will be made up of your website, plus key social media channels, email marketing, client relationship management (CRM), marketing automation, online and traditional advertising, direct response marketing, signage and event marketing among others. Each of these has a relationship to the rest, and each requires specialists from our Reno web design and internet marketing departments with expert knowledge of how to make the channel pay off.

We employ expert internet marketers in all areas of marketing, especially digital and data-driven platforms. More than that, we have top web designers as well as a strategic and engineering staff. Our OCG Creative team is your team and we will always be more effective than any freelance marketer and most company’s in-house teams.

Reach your goals and start growing.

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