Who is Veronica Romney? Veronica Romney is an experienced entrepreneur and incredible thought-leader in the IM industry, currently serving as the President of LoSoMo. In 2014, Veronica and her husband, Scott, founded LoSoMo, an online marketing agency that specializes in location-based marketing. This was not her first venture into building a business from the ground… Read More

Measuring online lead generation: CPA, LTV, ROI, OMG In a recent post, I told the story of a client that enjoyed $550,000 in new revenue from online lead generation during the first 7 months of 2017. In actuality, the total is significantly higher, since that only includes form fills, and not web-generated phone calls. For… Read More

Keyword selection for fun and profit Let me begin with a story. We have a client that went through half a dozen Internet marketing agencies prior to working with us. Those agencies did all the standard stuff: social media, PPC, landing pages, SEO… you name it. In every case, the agency added to the costs,… Read More

Internet Marketing Background Matt Siltala is the master of the career change. He was a successful foam mattress retailer for close to 14 years, starting in 2004. Then in July of 2012, he made the unlikely move into digital marketing, where he quickly became an industry leader. His company, Avalaunche Media handles the usual range… Read More

Effective internet marketing for any business often starts with SEO, that is, Search Engine Optimization. Google is constantly updating its search algorithms in order to connect customers to the most relevant results. This can make it difficult for small, local businesses to stand out among the top pages. Local SEO services provide a way for… Read More

For those unfamiliar with local SEO services (Search Engine Optimization) it is worth taking time to define and explain the differences between local and global SEO, especially within the context of Google My Business and its relationship to local searches. What is SEO? Large scale search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo perform countless searches… Read More

Effective Internet Marketing SEO Keyword Tracking and Other Internet Marketing Goals In Part I of this article, we explored primary website performance metrics and ways to ensure your data isn’t influenced by scumbag spammers. Now that you’re looking at unbiased numbers, let’s explore ways to make sure your efforts align with the goals you have… Read More

If you’ve been brushing up on your web terminology, you may have heard the term “landing page” floating around. What is that exactly? In the marketing world, a landing page refers to a web page designed with one specific purpose in mind: to convert visitors into leads. What is a Landing Page?    Let’s take… Read More

Last month I conducted an email survey asking one simple question: Given the choice, which of the following is more important for your business website? There were only two possible answers: Your website’s design, or search engine rankings. Here are the results: Search Engine Rankings: 80.5% Website Design: 20.5% Although the survey was unscientific, the results… Read More

Blogging on a consistent basis for your business can help boost your overall marketing and SEO efforts. Not to mention—it can be fun! However, if you’re new to blogging, the process can seem daunting. Where do I start? What do you I write about? These are all questions that might run through your mind at… Read More