Creating Visuals in a Digital Landscape

Photographs have been around for hundreds of years. Now it seems like everyone has a photo-studio right in their pocket with the use of a smartphone. 

But how does the use of photography play into digital marketing?


Images go hand-in-hand with branding and publishing. It wasn’t too long ago the front pages of newspapers were plastered with digital images. 

Now, images are ALL OVER the digital landscape. There’s more than 657 billion images you can find online. 

What we at OCG Creative focus on is using photography as an effective way to raise your brand profile. That’s why we give you access to a creative media team who have knowledge of using  images within digital marketing.

Before getting into details about how we build your online marketing campaign, let’s lay the groundwork about what CRM design for marketing actually is and why it is such a powerful internet marketing tool in Reno.

Visual Context

Hitting the nail on the head with commercial photography is your first-look at giving customers a dive into your products, your people, and your company.

Let’s face it, the first thing we look for in any website or blog is at least one image of something.


Customers want to know immediately if they need what a website is offering.


People don’t want to be bombarded with word after word on your landing page.  If that’s the case – you lose that first impression with organic users. Pictures grab on to the user’s attention. We want to show them cutting-edge photos that showcase your products they are genuinely interested in and how it can be used in everyday life.  That’s how visual context brings out the best your business has to offer.

So – where do we come in?

How We Approach Photography

Our media team is ready to dial-in on your digital image needs.  Our media content producers will work on what kind of photography you want. It could be simple images of your products, lifestyle branding or portraits.

From there, we’ll schedule a time to come to your workplace or schedule a shoot at our studio in house at OCG Creative’s offices.

Our next step is the process of editing. The editing process should take a while. The reason being is because if a photo is taken and edited in the same day, you likely won’t get an ideal image. Our media producers will take the time to polish your photos and present you with an image bank that you can access at any-time. 

Here’s a few ways we can help:

Social Media

Social Media matters. The most engaging parts of social media focus on image content. If you don’t have photos or images, you can’t stand-out in the social media landscape.

Our social media team creates engaging content daily. Whether it’s stunning high-resolution photos or posts of your products – we know a thing or two about how to engage with your audience.

Let’s Add That Sparks to Your Social Accounts


Professionalism and photography go hand-in-hand. If your clients, patients or customers are trying to get to know your company – they want to see the people behind the business.

Our media team works to take stunning portraits that show who YOU are. Personality and all. 

If you have an entire team or just a few members of your company, we can showcase them with our portrait photography.

A professional headshot or portrait tells your website visitors that you mean business. By meaning business, you’ll need professional portraits that prove you are who you say you are.


A great product can be even greater with a great photo of what you’re selling online. It could be a visually simple design of your product-line or showing somebody using your client.

Either way, you need to show your product to sell your product.

We can work with your team to take photos of every item in your product line to give your customers a preview of what they know they want. 

Learn more about how we do E-Commerce.

Digital Imagery and Web Metrics


Having a good bank of images for your company can set you apart from your competitors. A study by PR News found online content with great images receive 94% more views than without them.

Visitors to your website tend to take 2.6 seconds to recognize a product or a brand. When push comes to shove, you can try to lead your customer to your product organically – but unless it looks stunning and the image confirms what they need in your product or service, then your customer won’t engage.

Written text has the power to persuade (we won’t ignore that) but our team of SEO and Social Media experts track engagement on content that features images. Our own study shows visual imagery stands above other website content.

Digital Imagery goes toe-to-toe with Video Production. The same rules apply because photos can tell your story without saying anything at all. Images speak for themselves.

Let US Take Your Photos


Most agencies are fully booked for scheduled shoots. Our schedule focuses on YOUR schedule. We’ll schedule when it’s convenient for you.

Getting the right portrait or photos for your business doesn’t happen overnight. We make a considerable effort in choosing the right images to fit your business’ vision. 

Let us help give your customers a taste of what your business brand looks like by filling out the information below: 

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