prinitng-blog-jill You did it! You finally opened that business you’ve been talking about for years. Now what? It’s the perfect time to make a great first impression. Often times businesses overlook the importance of the little things–business cards, flyers, brochures, posters, signs and the impact print marketing materials can have on the business. Think of what a great impression you make in person when sharing your excitement about your business. Now think about what your business looks like when you’re not there to represent it. Do your business cards leave a lasting impression like your meetings do? Does the post card you send out or the flyer you hand out look as professional and hip as your company really is? Taking time to create print collateral that represents your company image is as important as paying the electric bill. If your potential clients aren’t attracted to your print marketing pieces, then you’ve missed the mark.

Here are some important print pieces to invest in:

1) Business Cards

Print them in bulk and hand them out like candy. If you’re making excuses for your business cards, it’s time to rethink your approach. Add spot UV to a silk finish for a great looking, great feeling card.

2) Brochures

Pick an uncommon size. If it looks like all the rest, it will get lumped with all the rest. Stand out! Try a square brochure or one with rounded corners.

3) Flyers

Print on both sides and make sure to use lots of stunning photos and color. Black letters on neon yellow paper should be used for yard sales and school projects.

4) Banners

Having a retractable banner is handy to set up at trade shows, networking events and impromptu sponsorship opportunities. Create a visually spectacular banner with company info and be ready to dazzle any crowd. Hanging banners can be powerful as well and come in a variety of sizes: from small table banners to building banners that are temporary signs. Regardless of the size, make sure the presentation and message are well thought out.

5) Post Cards/Mailers

Mail boxes get bombarded with junk mail. Make sure your mailer looks a cut above the rest and doesn’t get hidden behind all of the #10 envelopes. Find a size that stands out in the clutter and focus on eye-catching graphics and simple, powerful messaging.

6) Signs

The best signs are the ones that can be seen and read from long distances. Don’t clutter a sign with unnecessary info or graphics. Choose colors and lettering that that are easy to read any time of day. Your print collateral serves as your marketing, your lead generation tool, and represents your company brand. It also paves the way for your future efforts: website, social media, email marketing and internet marketing. So, take the time and effort to make sure that all of your collateral represents your business in the way you would in person. Are you a new business? OCG Creative can print all of your business collateral with a fast turn around. If it has a surface, we can brand it! We have curated many print marketing materials for a multitude of clients both locally and nationally. Contact us to learn more.

Happy Printing!