The Most Amazing Marketing Campaign in 2018 Every once in a while, a company launches a marketing campaign so amazing and effective, I’m jealous I hadn’t come up with it myself. It doesn’t happen often, but this year, my nominee  for the “Most Amazing Marketing Campaign in 2018” goes to Before I get into… Read More

Sales Rule: Always (Don’t) Be Closing So much has been written about sales. There is a sales rule for everything–cold calling, email etiquette, greeting cards, gifting, closing, touch points, pipeline management, lead generation, tracking, reporting… it goes on. One of the more popular ones is the “ABC’s of Selling.” ABC is a reminder to “Always… Read More

Market Segmentation for Fun and Profit If you have been in business for a while, you’ve likely made discoveries about your industry, customers, and market. Hopefully, you’ve uncovered new opportunities and have a strong understanding of how to prosper and grow. Naturally, marketing plays a role in any growth plan. What follows are tools, especially… Read More

Strategic Planning for Small Business: Thinking Big Even if You’re Small I have worked with small business owners for a very long time. As a marketing agency, OCG Creative is approached every day by owners and managers looking for help meeting their growth objectives. Most often, they have something in mind. They’ll ask about building… Read More

Rethink your business cards Without any other information, your potential customers will assume better businesses have better business cards. Chances are you don’t give business cards much thought, but you should. Let’s start with a story. About five years ago, we met a newly minted physical therapist. At the time, he was fresh out of… Read More

Here we are, at the beginning of 2018. And, with that, we’re starting to see the usual flood of predictions for the year. Naturally, as an digital marketing strategist, I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to make my own list of 2018 digital marketing predictions. A year ago, I predicted a lot of change will… Read More

Measuring online lead generation: CPA, LTV, ROI, OMG In a recent post, I told the story of a client that enjoyed $550,000 in new revenue from online lead generation during the first 7 months of 2017. In actuality, the total is significantly higher, since that only includes form fills, and not web-generated phone calls. For… Read More

Keyword selection for fun and profit Let me begin with a story. We have a client that went through half a dozen Internet marketing agencies prior to working with us. Those agencies did all the standard stuff: social media, PPC, landing pages, SEO… you name it. In every case, the agency added to the costs,… Read More

Internet Marketing Background Matt Siltala is the master of the career change. He was a successful foam mattress retailer for close to 14 years, starting in 2004. Then in July of 2012, he made the unlikely move into digital marketing, where he quickly became an industry leader. His company, Avalaunche Media handles the usual range… Read More

Internet Marketing Background Over the years, I’ve noticed that very often the marketer have engineering or data science backgrounds. Mark Roberge is a quintessential example of an engineer that is also a brilliant Internet marketer. April Dunford is another. Also an engineer by training, April Dunford makes top-level Internet marketing her career. She’s driven successful… Read More