Jill Rutherford

Vice President

Meet Jill

“Let’s get them in for a meeting.”

Professional problem solver.

As a partner and senior account manager, I spend most of my days juggling projects, working with clients and strategizing with our team. I’m the office peacekeeper and cheerleader. If there’s a problem, I’ll solve it. A sticky situation, I’ll diffuse it. A party, I’ll plan it.

I love the challenges of the web, internet marketing, and all things tech!

  • 11 Years working at OCG Creative
  • Former owner of an advertising agency for 15 years
  • 2017 Professional Saleswoman of the Year
  • BNI Leadership Team
  • Former Board Member of the American Business Women’s Association
  • BA in Public Relations and Communications

Let’s talk about your digital marketing goals

I’ll work with you to make sure our efforts align with your goals. That might mean putting together a media campaign, establishing an editorial plan, or developing brand standards. I can spot a typo from a mile away, and our programmers often come to me to debug their code (I may have embellished that last one…).

Here’s a bit about me

My family, and making sure they’re taken care of is very important to me. I’m also an outdoorsy girl too! Regardless of what the weather’s like outside; I’m not one to just sit around.