Zach Landry

Sandra Ramos

Junior Graphic Designer

"How enables, but Why motivates.” – Frank Chimero

I create

My job is to design/create a memorable brand, webpage, or print design that effectively communicates the client identity. I achieve this by effectively communicating concepts for the client I’m working with and understanding the history of the client and the client’s goals for the project at hand.

The most rewarding parts of my job is not only getting to do my passion everyday as my job, but also producing designs for clients that love and are proud of the designs that I’m able to make for them.

Eric Snowboarding

  • I started OCG Creative in 2022.
A.A.S. in Graphic Communications

A bit more about me

Outside of work, I usually stay home and spend time with my dog, my boyfriend, my best friend, and my family, or I’m helping out with events at the youth group I volunteer with.