Web Design is Just the

Your website makes it possible to connect with a huge number of people for a fraction of what it costs relying on traditional media. Internet technology has reached a point where just about any type of interaction is possible.  Video, email, text messaging, live chat, and much more can be used to build real relationships with clients without ever meeting face to face.
Building relationships should be the first and primary goal for your website. It's easy to get wrapped up in every detail of web design and web development. For starters, web design is fun. But, here's a statistic that should be tattooed to every web designer's forehead:

47% of people expect a web page to load in two seconds or less.  — Econsultancy
Add to that, the fact that 2 out of every 3 Internet searches are conducted on a mobile device (Source:comScore), and it adds up to one thing--most website owners are doing it wrong. OCG Creative may be a digital marketing and web design firm, but we do things a little differently. In many ways, website design should be at the end of the website planning process, which is the opposite of the way most web design firms work. It is always better to put your website visitor's preferences over yours. So...
  1. Identify your target audience
  2. Learn how your audience uses the Internet to find information
  3. Write website content that leaves no doubt you are the leading  subject matter expert
  4. Take away any of your content that doesn't support the web user's goals
  5. Build what you think is the best possible website experience for those users
  6. Start cutting things out until it loads on a 3G mobile phone in under 2 seconds
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After that, it's all between the Google search bar and wherever your website ranks compared to your competitors. Think about your own browsing behavior. When was the last time you typed an exact domain into the address bar of a web browser? Thought so. But, you search for things all the time, right?

The big truth in internet marketing is nobody cares about you or your business because they don't know about you or your business. We search for things and click on whatever comes up. We gives websites about a second and a half, and if we don't find what we want, we start over with another search.

Yes, your website design should be visually appealing.  It must support your brand, and provide an outstanding user experience. It can even look cool and have some whizz-bang, frilly web stuff. But, if any of that stands in the way of your website visitor's goals, you're doing it wrong.

Your Goal
is Our Goal

What exactly is your web design goal? Are you looking for clients, generating leads, selling products? Whatever that goal is, we are 100% ready to support that. Every day, we are asked, "why isn't my website bringing me business?" 99.9% of the time it's two things:

  1. It is impossible to find using search engines
  2. It doesn't provide any real value for the website visitor

When we design a website, we design it for search engines (SEO) and user experience (UX if you want to sound like a hip, web guy/girl). Our goal is to develop a website that is not only visually appealing but is also user-friendly. We do some pretty amazing designs, but in the end, we cut out anything that doesn't lead the website visitor to that final conversion goal.

Web Design Process

For the most part, we design websites as the central component of an Internet marketing campaign, typically spanning 12 months or more, and broken down into monthly and quarterly traffic, ranking and conversion goals. That help us (and you) think beyond the website design and focus our effort on search engine rankings where it belongs.

A website design can evolve over the lifetime of a campaign, but the critical success factor isn't design at all--it's speed. The faster and earlier in the campaign we can get your website indexed and ranking in search engines, the more new customers it will bring to your business.

SEO & Web Design

Web design companies  love to cite statistics like this one: It takes an online visitor less than two-tenths of a second to determine their first opinion of your brand based on your website (Missouri University of Science and Technology).

But, that means nothing if no one visits your website. From the beginning SEO needs to rule design. Once the site ranks well for critical keywords, we can shift our focus to conversions.

Web Development vs. Web Design

Occasionally, people ask us the difference between web development and web design?" While website programmers tend to like to be called "developers" rather than "designers," the truth is both terms tend to be used interchangeably. Technically, though, there is a difference.

We are a true web development agency. We have an engineering team that develops database driven marketing applications on every scale. But, we also have a team of web designers. Essentially, the design team builds the front end user experience (UX), while the engineering team handles the functional requirements for the project.

To take it a step further, both teams, as well as the content team, take direction from the strategic team responsible for search engine visibility, reach, relationships and competitive factors.