Internet Marketing

Most Internet Marketing teams operate in one of the following ways:
  1. Large scale internet marketing unit
  2. Mid to large contracted digital agency
  3. Small team or single employee
  4. Small agency or freelance marketer
We are a digital marketing agency concentrating on what we call the Internet Marketing Ecosystem™. Our typical Internet marketing programs serve clients ranging from $500,000 to $20M in annual revenue. Most are in very competitive markets. We are based in Reno, NV, but have clients all over the United States, in a variety of industries.
We call it the “Internet marketing ecosystem” because very few Internet marketing tactics function as effectively on their own as they do part of an overarching strategic initiative. In other words, the marketing services we offer work collectively in support of your individual business goals.

Internet Marketing Services Based on Your Goals

Most of our digital marketing campaigns are made up of several services. We didn’t select these, per se. The current state of the Internet marketing landscape has evolved to coincide with technology, consumer Internet use and online shopping habits. Our service offerings are simply part of that evolution.

For us, a typical Internet marketing campaign runs from year to year, with each component evaluated at scheduled intervals based on objectives, competitive factors and industry best practices. The Internet marketing mix for most campaigns includes the following components at minimum:

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Elements of each are organized relative to their stage in the buyer’s journey or sales funnel. As an example, search engine optimization, or SEO, is an acquisition stage function, positioned at the top of the sales funnel. At the same time, email marketing, and many CRM activities, focus on retention and referral, which take place after the initial purchase decision.

Internet Marketing Plans that are
custom, predictable, organized and powerful

As the Internet marketing landscape grew more complex, we responded by bringing in experts in each of the various disciplines that are common to online campaigns. Today, our team is made up of strategists, designers, engineers, SEO experts (organic SEO and local SEO services), CRM/marketing automation specialists, writers and social media pros

As mentioned, effective Internet marketing requires several components working together to fill in each stage of the buyer’s journey. With this in mind, all of our Internet marketing options include every service we offer.

Our Internet marketing plans were created to meet these goals

  • Everything Included: All of the elements of a successful Internet marketing strategy are included in our plans—even a new website includes a CRM. As the landscape changes, we’ll keep you up to date with the latest technology and marketing best practices.
  • Flexibility: A la carte digital marketing really doesn’t work that well, because the most important issues change from day to day. In the beginning, search engine rankings usually take priority. As you begin to climb in keyword rankings (search engine results), that will change. Our marketing initiatives are designed to adapt to changing market demands and emerging goals.
  • Scalable: As your business changes, so should your marketing initiatives. Every component of our Internet marketing programs was engineered to grow. So, whether you serve hundreds of visitors, or millions, your message will always be delivered instantly and without error.
  • Worry-free: You should be free to run your business. Our program is a simple budget item. With that, we take care of literally everything. So, while we are working to grow your visitor base, we also handle technical issues like security and bandwidth.

We work in Internet Marketing Cycles

We manage our marketing efforts in cycles. The duration of each cycle varies by marketing component, its position in the buyer’s journey, and the time required to accumulate valid data.

The shortest cycles are those that produce the most immediate measurable result. Generally, this means some aspects of SEO, broadcast email campaigns and social media. Pay-per-click lead generation falls into this category as well.

SEO has both short-term and long-term components. For example, we often get new blog posts into search engine indexes and ranking in under an hour. However, page content and previously published blog posts can take weeks. We sometimes describe SEO as slow motion marketing. It can take quite a while to reach top spots in Google, but it tends to take a while to drop as well.
Other long-term cycles include list growth and building a referral network. These are typically CRM functions with goals that span many months. This doesn’t mean we ignore long term cycles between reporting periods. We do continue to monitor and make a adjustments, but knowing the expected timeline for each marketing function helps us to ensure we always concentrate on the things that deliver the most immediate results.