Strategic Planning for Small Business: Thinking Big Even if You’re Small I have worked with small business owners for a very long time. As a marketing agency, OCG Creative is approached every day by owners and managers looking for help meeting their growth objectives. Most often, they have something in mind. They’ll ask about building… Read More

Who is Ross Simmonds? When selecting an internet marketer to be the subject of this weekly blog, we look for somebody who is making an impact in the IM industry. Ross is the perfect example of somebody who has become an IM and B2B thought leader. Ross is a B2B specialist with expertise is content… Read More

Internet Marketing Background When it comes to internet marketing, Scott Stratten is no amateur. He and his partner Alison have co-written five best selling business books and co-hosted over two-hundred podcasts. From music industry marketer, to national sales training manager, to professor, Scott finds himself at the forefront of marketing innovation. He now spends all… Read More

Internet Marketing Background Over the years, I’ve noticed that very often the marketer have engineering or data science backgrounds. Mark Roberge is a quintessential example of an engineer that is also a brilliant Internet marketer. April Dunford is another. Also an engineer by training, April Dunford makes top-level Internet marketing her career. She’s driven successful… Read More

Good Images Make the Best Creative Web Design What Are Good Website Images and How to take the Best Website Photos Why are good Images Important on a Website? The best creative web design for clients all have one thing in common; image quality. Images are the number one visual way information is communicated and… Read More

Web Design vs Internet Marketing Is Creative Web Design the Most Important Part? Creativity reigns supreme right? It is common knowledge that only the coolest websites get top exposure. Part of me, as a web designer, hopes this would be true. However, creative web design only takes a business so far. Ultimately, there are thousands… Read More

Using Local SEO to Your Advantage Local search engine optimization, lovingly referred to as local SEO, is an integral part of any businesses local marketing initiatives. When a business has a great search engine optimization strategy, its search ranking can be expected to be higher. The higher a search rank, the greater propensity for potential customers to… Read More

OCG Creative’s Joe Ross forces an awkward scuba diving metaphor. In marketing, there are few guarantees. We set goals, do our research, plan, weigh the opportunities and threats, then execute. Finally, at intervals or once the campaign has finalized, we evaluate the result make decisions about what to do next. The connection is obvious (right?).… Read More