Effective internet marketing for any business often starts with SEO, that is, Search Engine Optimization. Google is constantly updating its search algorithms in order to connect customers to the most relevant results. This can make it difficult for small, local businesses to stand out among the top pages. Local SEO services provide a way for… Read More

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Local SEO: What is it, and how is it different than organic SEO? Local SEO services provides local businesses opportunities to reach local customers using internet marketing. Local SEO aims to provide search engine visibility close to to the time of purchase. A good example might be a mobile search for “pizza.” Being mobile, we… Read More

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Last month I conducted an email survey asking one simple question: Given the choice, which of the following is more important for your business website? There were only two possible answers: Your website’s design, or search engine rankings. Here are the results: Search Engine Rankings: 80.5% Website Design: 20.5% Although the survey was unscientific, the results… Read More

Using Local SEO to Your Advantage Local search engine optimization, lovingly referred to as local SEO, is an integral part of any businesses local marketing initiatives. When a business has a great search engine optimization strategy, its search ranking can be expected to be higher. The higher a search rank, the greater propensity for potential customers to… Read More