You can have the best product ever – even better than existing competition – but if no one knows about it because you didn’t market it correctly, it might as well not even exist.

Who is Amy Landino?

Amy Landino is an award-winning YouTube creator, best-selling author, and international public speaker. Her enthusiastic and transformative content has changed the ways marketers are tackling vlogging and video. Landino has also been traveling as a professional keynote speaker to share her insights with new markets. She has an innovative approach to leverage digital attention to drive traffic.

Why Vlog?

Video + blogging = vlogging! Video marketing has become a very popular trend in the marketing field within the last few years. As a way to convert more leads to sales, companies are deciding to invest in video to increase their reach. Not only does she work with vlogs, but Landino is also a best selling author of the book, Vlog Like a Boss. However, she dives into the idea that vlogs can create so much more than just a video but a brand. With research and real-life examples, Landino confirms her insight. A company can be successful if they kill it online and invest in the right resources. Her book is perfect for go-getters and creators of internet marketing, whose goal is to communicate in an innovative way.

Vlogging Tips

There are many key takeaways from Landino’s book that can transform your video marketing tactics from a fixer-upper to can’t-stop-watching content. One tactic she writes about is narrowing the market and finding a niche for your vlogs. Specialization is very important. It will help you reach more people in less time. In addition, planning your content out prior and creating a schedule can work wonders. Most importantly, Landino emphasizes that you can not let your fears of video stand in your way of creating amazing content in your industry. Check out how to start making and editing videos below!

Internet Marketing Experts

#VlogLikeABoss with Amy Landino. Be sure to check out her website, Twitter, and Youtube.  If you would like to learn other internet marketing tips, read up on other top internet marketers.