Jeff BullasWho is Jeff Bullas?

The rise of social media was a “game changer” says top marketing influencer, Jeff Bullas. The introduction of social networks did much more than make it easier for people to connect, it skyrocketed online marketing. Bullas saw the potential for social media marketing back in 2008, ancient times in terms of Twitter, Facebook, and platforms alike. It came to him after he had noticed the opportunities the platforms had given him in his personal life. Bullas began his own website,, where he wrote content about social media and its hidden features and potential. These conversations revolved around social media growth and impact which quickly became relevant to all companies.

Social Media Influencers in 2019

As social media grows, so does our knowledge of what trends will take off. I don’t mean what clothes will be in style or what meme will cause global laughter, I’m talking about social media marketing trends. What people react to, respond to, and engage with is more of what we’re interested in. That being said, Jeff Bullas believes influencer marketing will be significant to social growth and brand exposure for companies in 2019. However, not in the same way as 2018. Data will be the new factor in choosing influencers and measuring their success. Not intuition.

Find the Best Influencer for You With Data

Jeff Bullas has experience working with a ton of different influencer marketing softwares over the recent year and he recommends GroupHigh over them all. GroupHigh helps companies find the best social media influencers. The software filters out fake influencer accounts and leaves you with real data of the top profiles or sites that have engaged and loyal audiences. GroupHigh offers the ability to find influencers in some of the most niche markets also. Bullas has also noted that this marketing tool is more affordable than most softwares similar to GroupHigh. Social media marketing will continue to become more and more integrated into strategies for brand awareness and brand exposure. Check out the Jeff Bullas website to read more about Jeff Bullas or trending marketing ideas. You can also read about our previous internet marketer of the week, Ian Cleary, and the idea of the importance of utilizing technology to achieve optimal inbound and outbound marketing results.