Gary Vaynerchuk with arms folded in black long sleeve in front of a red backdropWho is Gary Vaynerchuk?

Starting as a born entrepreneur, Gary Vaynerchuk has been a part of many businesses throughout his career. He started as most kids do selling lemonade and then brought his business skills to the schoolyard. Through his high school career, he managed to sell tens of thousands worth of baseball cards. If you are suddenly thinking you spent your high school days wrong, you’re not the only one! Finally, as he moves from high school business, he starts to build his father’s local wine business into an electronic empire. With this expansion of the business, he decided to expand in the video industry and did a long series on youtube, the WineLibraryTV. As he spoke more he became more well known. He moved up in his career, focusing his books on media, communication, and marketing. Obviously what he was doing was working, he started another business with his younger brother. Making VaynerMedia a flourishing business today with over 800 employees. Not only is Mr. Vaynerchuk an exceptional businessman, but he also is known for his writing and public speaking skills. He has written 5 best selling books about business and can give valuable advice on the internet marketing industry.

3 Tips on Social Media Marketing

1) Have Quality Content

When you find the right platform/platforms to start internet marketing, you also have to provide the right content. Make sure it fits the platform and gets the message you want to send across. Giving the right content will have your target market interacting more frequently with your business.

2) Know Your Market

Knowing your market goes across all business criteria. However, you have to know your target demographic when marketing online. You should know which social media platform they are spending most of their time on. This way you can create the perfect stories that match this platform.

3) Give More

No matter which platform you are using, you should give quality information and content to your viewers. Give them what they are asking for because they will want to spend time interacting with your site. Once they feel comfortable with your brand and company this is when it is acceptable to ask for their business. Know since you are giving your customers a lot, there is no need to feel guilty about asking for customers.

Internet Marketing

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