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Optimize Your Content and Don’t Get Lost in the Shuffle.

Imagine you’re in a library doing research for a college paper. All of the books are thrown into a pile on the floor. You basically have to swim through the books to find what you’re looking for. The best book ever might be buried in that pile. But, what are your chances of finding it? The same goes for content. Content visibility can be met through internet marketing efforts. You can write really great content, but without a solid strategy to back it up, it’s going to prove tough to compete with the big competitors. With more than 92,000 articles posted on the internet every day, the competition is tough. WordPress users alone produce over 35.8 million new posts a month. Digital media publishers, like Huffington Post, are known to publish anywhere up to 1,500 articles a day.  How does your small business stand a chance? You must develop a content strategy that positions your business as an expert and gets you noticed online. Here’s how you can increase your content visibility and get it noticed:

  1. Choose a Topic You Know Well: The best content is created by people who know the subject inside and out. If you feel like you could give someone advice on a subject, it’s a good indicator that you could turn it into a blog post or video. Uninspired or forced writing will show through to your readers. If you are bored writing it, your readers will be able to tell and it won’t perform as well.
  1. Perform Keyword Research: Key-wording is the way you get your content found online through popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Without it, you may not reach your readers. However, key-wording is not a style of writing. Key-wording simply means you use the relevant search terms that helps your content get found. If you key-word stuff a post, it will not rank well in search engines.
  1. Optimize Your Content: Before you hit publish, it’s important to make sure it meets all of the best SEO practices. Check that title, spruce up the key-word density (3-4% is per page is recommended), add an engaging photo, and don’t forget the alt-tags. There’s a lot of moving parts that go into optimizing page content. We won’t cover them all in this post, but make sure you’re aware of the importance when it comes to your overall content strategy.

Implementing a great content strategy increases the chances of your article or blog getting found online. Don’t let your business get buried under a pile of books. Get organized, get your key-words, in order and get in the card-catalogue of the internet.