In today’s rapidly-evolving digital landscape, the importance of internet marketing can’t be overstated. As OCG Creative, a leading Reno internet marketing agency aptly puts it, “Internet marketing is hard.” The golden days of the internet being a frontier where you could publish your website and expect people to find it are gone. With continual changes in algorithms and online consumer behavior, navigating the complex terrain of internet marketing is not only challenging but also essential for businesses to thrive.


The current landscape of internet marketing is like a colossal puzzle. More than half of website traffic, to be precise, 51%, comes from organic search. That said, it only generates 40% of online revenue. With mobile screens becoming more prominent, Google has trimmed down mobile search results from ten to about 8.5, making the competition for visibility fiercer. Let’s take a moment to let that sink in; your business needs to be among the top 8.5 on Google to gain visibility.


The majority of businesses invest over $5,000 in SEO alone, highlighting the seriousness of this endeavor. But digital marketing is not confined to online search. It’s a broad spectrum encompassing social media, review websites, online video, and the shifting patterns of consumer behavior. This presents both an arduous challenge and an incredible opportunity for businesses.


So, how does one navigate this vast digital landscape? The simple answer is: to stay competitive, you have to be online. More than 90% of your potential walk-in customers will have visited your website, as well as your competitors’ websites, before stepping into your physical store. An impactful website thus becomes a crucial first step to compete online.


Yet, having a website isn’t enough. It needs to be a tool that enhances your business growth. A website that doesn’t contribute to making your business better, stronger, and more profitable is nothing more than an expense. It’s equally important to note that merely having a substantial online presence isn’t the magic wand for success. Rather, being strategic about it is what counts.


The successful digital marketing strategy is not about being singularly present; it’s about being omnipresent. With only 32.5% traffic share being garnered by the number 1 spot on Google, the key takeaway is that winning online means being everywhere. In today’s context, being everywhere translates to a comprehensive digital presence that spans your website, multiple social media channels, paid search, and review sites.



Additionally, the business landscape is rough, and your competitors are vying for the same share of the market as you. If you adhere strictly to “normal business hours,” you’re out of the game for a significant portion of your competitor’s workday. Therefore, adapting to the demands of the 24/7 digital marketplace is indispensable.


Remember, the business that comes out on top is the one that best forges and maintains lasting relationships with its customers. To do this requires understanding the digital marketing landscape, having the right tools, and the capacity to act.


Internet marketing, as OCG Creative eloquently states, is a “team sport.” It’s a massive, complicated activity requiring expertise in various areas. The digital marketing landscape is an ecosystem comprising of your website, key social media channels, email marketing, client relationship management (CRM), and more. Each channel has a relationship with the rest and needs expert navigation to yield dividends.


OCG Creative is an internet marketing agency in Reno offering such expertise. They employ a team of expert internet marketers with knowledge in digital and data-driven platforms. With a team like this, you can tackle digital marketing head-on, driving sales, and maximizing your online presence.


The world of digital marketing is a complex labyrinth that businesses must navigate to succeed. As hard as it may be, it’s the way forward. So arm yourself with the right team, tools, and strategy, and step into the world of digital marketing. It’s an investment that will pay dividends in increased visibility, customer engagement, and ultimately, profitability. Contact OCG Creative today see the difference that comes with working with the premier digital marketing agency in Reno.