As the digital frontier expands and evolves, it is becoming increasingly clear: Internet marketing is no longer a simple game of publish-and-be-found. It has morphed into a complex ecosystem that requires strategic planning, execution, and constant adaptation. At OCG Creative, a Reno-based internet marketing agency, we understand the intricate nature of this landscape.


In the early days of the internet, it was the great equalizer – publish your website and watch people flock to it. Back then, search engines seemed impartial. Things, however, have changed dramatically. Today, organic search drives just over half of website traffic and generates a whopping 40% of online revenue. As the digital real estate on our mobile screens has increased, Google has paradoxically reduced the number of mobile search results from 10 to about 8.5. Desktop users aren’t spared either, with fewer than 10 results typically displayed.


Moreover, the scale of investment businesses are pouring into their online visibility is staggering. Most businesses spend over $5,000 on SEO alone. But that’s just the tip of the digital marketing iceberg. Social media, review websites, online video platforms, and rapid shifts in consumer behavior have transformed the digital marketing landscape into both a challenge and an opportunity for the average business.


In the modern marketplace, an online presence isn’t an optional extra – it’s a prerequisite for competition. Even if consumers hear about you elsewhere, over 90% of them will check your online footprint before visiting your location. Your website is, therefore, not just an online address; it is a powerful tool for growth and profitability. For those who still don’t have a website, OCG Creative’s expert Reno web design services are here to help.


But merely having a website is not enough. The majority of website traffic (51%) still comes from online search. However, even clinching the number 1 spot on Google only guarantees a 32.5% traffic share. The message is clear: To win online, you need to be omnipresent. That’s where the vast expertise of OCG Creative’s internet marketing team comes into play.


The average content length of a Google first page result hovers around 2,000 words. Given that ‘page one’ generates 91.5% of all organic website traffic, you’re competing not just for visibility but for the right words to say. At OCG Creative, we understand that word count isn’t a magic formula for top rankings. That’s why we invest in cutting-edge tools and devote countless hours to researching and selecting the right keywords for your business.


Social media, too, plays an indispensable role in digital marketing. You need to be at least as visible as your top competitors. Depending on your market, that could entail posting multiple times a day across several platforms. It’s a Herculean task, but one that OCG Creative is well-equipped to handle.


In the dog-eat-dog world of business, your competitors are continually vying for your market share. It is a relentless battle, often fought in the trenches of the unseen – online activities beyond “normal business hours.” Your most aggressive, dedicated, and agile competitor will dictate how you compete. However, the company that forges and maintains lasting relationships will emerge victorious. Getting there requires an intimate understanding of the internet marketing landscape, equipped with the right tools and resources to take action. This is what our Reno web design and internet marketing team does – and for a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house marketing staff.


Internet marketing is a team sport. A successful marketing ecosystem comprises your website, key social media channels, email marketing, CRM, marketing automation, online and traditional advertising, direct response marketing, event marketing, and more. Each element is interconnected, and each requires specialists to maximize its potential.


At OCG Creative, our team of expert internet marketers, top web designers, strategic planners, and engineering staff form your dedicated team. We promise to be more effective than any freelance marketer and most in-house teams.


The path through the evolving digital landscape is complex, but with OCG Creative, you have a guide who not only understands the terrain but has the proven expertise to lead the way to success. Reach out today, and let’s embark on this journey with an expert digital marketing agency.