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Local SEO services differs from general SEO in several ways. Available data suggests 1 out of every 3 customers will use his/her smartphone to conduct a local search prior to visiting a store. Most often, the visitors is looking basic information like hours of operation, your address, or maybe brands you carry or clues about what's on your menu. Just because it is called local SEO does not mean we only offer these services locally. Whether it be for clients based in our area of Reno, NV or elsewhere, we can provide local SEO services for any business, any where.

In many ways, local SEO is easier for business owners to relate to than traditional SEO, the search results that appear down the rest of the SERP (search engine results page). This is because much of the work is a matter of filling out forms and uploading pictures. We make it easy for you by providing local SEO services to improve the overall website views of your business.

Local search visitors are at the decision stage of the buyer's journey

We take local SEO very seriously. Searchers conducting local searches are typically very close to making a purchase. Often, they've decided what they want, and are now deciding where to get it. We provide local SEO services because although it is comparatively straightforward, many search engine optimizers find it just as challenging as on-page SEO. This is especially true in competitive markets.

Local listings must be
accurate and complete

Google gives preference to more complete local listings. That means your position in local search rankings is directly influenced by the information we provide about your business. That part is easy, but like on-page SEO, local SEO requires careful phrasing to balance your search engine goals, as well as those of your human customers.

It's also important to be focused and specific about what you offer. There is a lot of space between "car dealers" and "used car dealers." We use the same advanced keyword research tools for your local SEO listing that we use for on-page SEO. You'll attract more visitors to your website and your business.

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Google reviews matter

9 out of 10 customers trust other customers more than the business itself. None of our Internet marketing efforts exist in a vacuum, so we don't just optimize your local listing. We use direct marketing tools to strengthen the bond between you and your customers.

For example, CRM is a central component of every OCG campaign. We help you build better relationships by providing insight into your customer's activities, interests and preferences. It's a big deal. Better understanding and communication leads happier customers, and happy customers like to talk about you.

Local SEO is part of the Internet marketing ecosystem

Effective Internet marketing involves a lot of components. Local search is one of them, but it can't exist in a bubble. Local SEO is directly related to on-site SEO. No matter how strong your local listing, your website is at the center of your online universe. Better keyword focus on your website will contribute to higher search rankings for both.