Internet Marketing Background

When it comes to internet marketing, Scott Stratten is no amateur. He and his partner Alison have co-written five best selling business books and co-hosted over two-hundred podcasts. From music industry marketer, to national sales training manager, to professor, Scott finds himself at the forefront of marketing innovation. He now spends all of his time keynote speaking at conferences to engage audiences on how to succeed in business today; to get them thinking more and doing more about marketing.

About Scott Stratten

Internet Marketer Scott Stratten focuses on helping businesses “unlearn” the traditional ways of marketing that cause them to fade to the back of customers’ minds. He helps businesses understand how to stay at the forefront, so that when your clients are ready, they choose you.

Why I selected Scott Stratten as Internet Marketer of the week

After watching Scott speak at the Unbounce CTA 2017 Conference in Vancouver, Canada, I became fascinated with his ideas for how to market authentically. He is not only funny, passionate, and inspiring, but also incredibly informative. Also, his expert insight and blunt advice have audiences rethinking their marketing strategies. Scott can’t stress enough the importance of engaging with clients and creating those loyal, lasting relationships so that they need you.

Each of Scott’s books has something different to offer the world of business, all providing tangible value. He always includes real-life examples, guidance, and strategies so that a business can begin applying new, effective strategies immediately.

Adding the prefix “Un” to key marketing terms, Scott encourages businesses to rethink the way they do things. Unbranding focus on branding from the core as opposed to covering up things that are broken with implementing a “quick-fix” strategy. Unselling has to do with creating those ties so that your customers become loyal, repeat customers.

In today’s ever-changing business climate, Scott reminds us that we need to remember what is important. Great products and great service are what ultimately make a great business. Scott’s passion for what he does inspires each of us here at OCG Creative to create something that truly matters. We want to create business that is “awesome,” as Scott would say.

Check out Scott and Alison’s website to learn more about how to start engaging.