Internet Marketing Background

Entrepreneur, professor, speaker, author, and internet marketing specialist are just a few words used to describe Brian Halligan. After meeting Dharmesh Shah as an MBA student at MIT in 2004, Brian and Dharmesh co-founded Hubspot just two years later. As CEO of Hubspot, Brian has created a company with over 40,000 customers in over 90 countries. His goals include helping companies develop a marketing strategy that will attract, engage, delight customers.

About Brian Halligan

Inbound Internet Marketing specialist Brian Halligan has found a way to make the internet marketing process more “human.” He says that companies need to stop talking about extracting value from customers and instead start talking about how they can add value to their customers. Marketing human to human is the new way of marketing business to business.

Why I Selected Brian Halligan as Internet Marketer of the Week

After becoming aware of the tools that Hubspot offers marketers around the world, I became interested in learning more about co-founder Brian Halligan. His advice and insight into the world of marketing are invaluable in todays ever changing business climate. Connecting with customers using old, “outbound,” marketing tactics such as cold calling and mailing lists are out of date and ineffective. People want to be helped. Hubspot is widely regarded as having coined the term “inbound marketing.” This method focuses on pulling in customers as opposed to pushing them away. Drawing customers in and making it easy for them to get the product they need is key for business. In addition, Brian can’t stress enough the importance of using email and social media to connect with customers. If you’re not using these, then your approach will simply not be effective. Part of Brian’s success with Hubspot comes from the creation of a unique company culture. He looks up to Google and strives for a company where people want to work. He knows that millennials want leadership that is authentic and transparent. Part of the way Brian creates this culture is by sitting with the rest of the employees at Hubspot. Also, he gives himself a salary similar to that of other Hubspot employees. According to Brian, Hubspot was created through a lot of luck, god decisions, and good hires. When companies are made up of fantastic people who are given the right tools, business dreams really come true. Check out to learn how to apply the inbound methodology to your marketing strategy. Interested in other Internet Marketers of the Week? Learn more here.