Third-Party Marketing for IT Managed Services Providers

OCG Creative has been supporting IT providers with referral marketing and strategic partnerships since 2011. We’re uniquely poised to assist IT providers that have made the important shift to the Managed Service Provider model (MSP) to deepen and strengthen their relationships with their clients. Plus, add stable and growing revenue from the trusted advisor relationship already in place with their clients.

Digital marketing is a natural segue from traditional and evolving IT management – or even bundled managed services. They are rooted in similar technologies, making both service lines seem like a natural fit. Additionally, the relationships IT MSPs build with their clients makes them essential trusted advisors. They look to them when their clients are ready to explore new technology areas to help their business adapt to the ever growing digital marketing arena.

Contracting Marketing Services for Your IT Clients Makes Sense

The burden to build websites or take on social media, SEO or other marketing-related services is often asked of IT MSP’s. It’s not their core business or areas that they have deep expertise or staffing in. Many IT MSP’s take on these digital marketing tasks internally or try to find a trusted partner to work with. This can lead to mediocre results jeopardizing the client relationship or create completely unneeded frustration.

Aside from software, server and security management, there are few similarities between information technology services and digital marketing.

Marketing Client Expectations

A digital marketing agency is expected to drive a steady stream of qualified leads to the client’s business. We make that happen using analytical tools to provide details about online behavior, website user experience, advertising and social media performance curated and developed with constant work over a decade. Our clients expect results and we provide results. OCG Creative is a digital marketing company with decades of experience and refined processes.

We will take care of the entire digital marketing mix for your clients – website, social media, SEO, PPC all tied together working in harmony utilizing our state of the art tools, staff and producing the expected results for our clients. Our portfolio includes industry-leading e-commerce businesses, regional service providers, retailers, travel destinations, financial institutions, law firms and dozens of other industries.

If you are an IT MSP looking for your long term digital marketing partner which keeps your clients delighted, give them working results and add revenue to your bottom line in a way that fits your business. Find out more by calling us at (775) 324-1644.

We look forward to working with you.