Tim Ash Beginning now, we are introducing a weekly post recognizing top Internet marketers for their contributions. Our goal is to help business owners, marketing managers and others gain a broader understanding of the marketing landscape as it exists today. These are the thinkers and pioneers in online marketing. They’re the people we pay attention… Read More

If you’re doing business in 2015, the term marketing automation has likely made its way into your vernacular—or at least your inbox. But unless you have a comprehensive marketing department, or a service provider who specializes in it, you’re probably not making full use of it as a time-and money-saving tool. If you’re like a… Read More

Look Outside Your Field for Inspiration Several days ago I was doing some online market research when I recognized a wondrous and disturbing pattern. A pattern of modern advances through automation, the mathematical narrowing of my vision for the sake of a potential sale. I acknowledged the presence of some kind of fancy-pants algorithmic doodad… Read More

Setting a budget for business websites I just read something that struck me as both funny and poignant. It was an article about website budgets that pointed out how every project begins with what the author described as a “subtle psychological game of ‘you go first’” between the agency (us) and the potential client. The point of… Read More