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Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is a pretty hot topic. It can include any and all of the growing forms of online messaging and branding options. Usually, the Internet marketing mix includes some combination of your website content, organic SEO, local SEO, social media channels like Twitter and Facebook, PPC advertising, online video, blogs, and email marketing campaigns. OCG Creative works through four internet marketing phases so our client's can achieve successful marketing results.

Having a business Facebook page or putting up random thoughts on a blog isn’t necessarily marketing, at least it is not the most effective approach. There are more in-depth steps that are to be taken in order to increase overall internet marketing performance.

Effective marketing online needs to be strategic, target specific goals and a course must be layed to achieve such goals. We like to work in phases.

  • Phase I: Background, competitive landscape and potential
  • Phase II: Goal setting and needs analysis
  • Phase III: Analytics and Development
  • Phase IV: Execution and periodic evaluation

Phase I

During the first of the four internet marketing phases, we will analyze the competitive landscape to determine how best to compete. We resist the urge to make judgements based on obvious factors like website aesthetics, or weak domain names. We focus on facts and set out to learn how things are vs. how we think they are. Here are a few of the key factors we take into consideration before planning an online marketing campaign.

  • Estimate the traffic potential for your website based on search engine ranking potential and actual search volumes for every target keyword (phrase)

  • Assess the major competitors in your market to determine where you stack up compared to other market leaders

  • Determine which competitors, if any, are running strong campaigns and quantify their strengths and weaknesses

  • List the critical success factors required to compete effectively in that environment

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Phase II

At this point of the internet marketing phases, we will be dealing with known factors rather than making guesses or playing hunches. Now it is reasonable to establish goals–so we do. Depending on the nature of your business and what your competitors are doing, we’ll lay out exactly what we want to happen and by when.

  • Search engine rankings
  • Click-through percentage by keyword
  • Estimated traffic volume by keyword
  • Conversion rates
  • Revenue targets and ROI
  • Onsite factors; bounce rate, avg. time on page, percentage of new visits, etc.
  • Many, many others…

Essentially, we are performing a gap analysis by comparing where you are to where you want to be, and making a plan to fill in what’s missing. It is very common, even typical, that websites are created and published without any real plan to attract visitors. This is where we fix that in order to improve your internet marketing performance.

Phase III

During this time, we accomplish two things.

  • We establish all of the tools we use to measure the key success factors we use to make decisions and keep track of how we’re doing
  • We design or redesign your website, write new content, establish social media accounts and brand them, set up email marketing campaigns, the list goes on…
Designing and marketing your website isn’t like baking a cake. Your website is never done. Your goal should be to get it live and ranking as soon as possible, which is why thoroughly working through the four internet marketing phases is not only beneficial but also necessary for success. To begin with, we design websites every day, and we are really good at it. We know how to provide a great user experience for your visitors, and every day you’re not in the search results, is another day your competitors leave you out in the cold.

Our goal is to establish the baseline digital environment that will grow over time. Speed is far more important toiling over every pixel, because every round of revisions delays Google and other search engines form indexing new content.

Phase IV

Now, we take the site live, publish our updates, or otherwise make all of the above part of your Internet marketing ecosystem. In nearly every campaign, SEO and organic rankings start out as the centerpiece. As we gain rankings, we’ll put an increasing emphasis on improving your conversion rate.
Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is as important as SEO, just further down the client acquisition path. Here, we make everything from simple copy changes to entire functional do-overs. It’s all based on performance and data. It’s also why round after round of revisions is a waste of time on a website that isn’t already live.

Ideally, we are able to do whatever we need to do and go live within 3-4 weeks. That gives us as much time as possible to focus on building traffic and increasing sales or generating leads.

We use a lot of tools that provide details about your onsite and offsite performance. We constantly evaluate keywords and make adjustments, add and replace content, pursue linking opportunities, run email campaigns, engage through social media, etc. Guided by the overarching strategy set forth in the beginning, every online marketing activity is selected and adjusted based on performance.