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Your brand serves as the basis for the emotional connection people may make with your business. It makes up the vital first impression you make on new and potential clients, and your brand acts as your signature for returning customers.

The digital world has added a whole new layer to business branding. Gone are the days where you could print your logo on brochures and business cards and call it successful branding. Today’s brands must evolve and grow with their audiences in order to remain competitive. They must tell a story and engage their market (in 3 seconds or less) or risk getting lost in the noise.

45% of a brand’s image can be attributed to what it says and how it says it.

Building a successful brand encompasses more than just designing a logo and choosing a color scheme. It includes everything from imagery, messaging, voice and customer interaction. The image you portray to the public (positive or negative) becomes part of your brand in the long-term. Your brand is one and the same with you, and it is important that you protect it with everything you have.

Start with a Brand Strategy

All business ventures first start as ideas. However, getting from point A to B requires skill and strategy. Before you can start marketing your products and services, you need to develop a solid brand and position yourself properly in the market.

Brand strategy consists of a long-term plan for building and maintaining your brand over time. Using elements of marketing, design, and psychology, we tap into the latest research and craft a brand that resonates with your target audience. We break it up into five different elements.

  • Step 1: Define a purpose and vision for your business
  • Step 2: Identify your target market and ideal customer
  • Step 3: Choose images, logo, and color scheme
  • Step 4: Craft messaging, voice, and slogans
  • Step 5: Ensure consistent branding across digital and print platforms
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Logo Design & Color Psychology

A well-designed logo and color-scheme can help elevate your business and increase brand recognition. Using the best and latest design principles, we create custom logos to help you stand out in your industry. Whether you need a brand new logo from scratch or want to update an existing logo, we can provide you with a selection of designs to choose from. During your logo consultation we will:

  1. Create 4-6 grey-scale logo designs with a custom icon and typography.
  2. Choose a custom color scheme that fits your personal tastes and industry standards.

Creating a great, high-resolution logo is extremely important for branding yourself in the digital world. Logos that are blurry, too busy, or simply outdated will dilute your business message and show a lack of professionalism. However, this process doesn’t have to take months or years. We focusing on cutting out the fluff and getting you a sharp design that will help you build a brand your customers will trust.

Social Media Branding

One of the biggest ways your brand can communicate is through social media. Whether intentional or not, everything you post online becomes part of your brand. Monitoring your online presence and creating consistency across all platforms is key. Whether customers find you on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, you want them to recognize your brand from the get-go.

To create consistency across the board, we brand your social media accounts with your logo and custom cover photo. Our designers optimize them for each platform, so you get sharp, professional images that look great on all your devices.

Find Your Voice

If you have been staying up to date on marketing trends, you have probably read somewhere that your brand should tell a story. While stories are great, the biggest problem most companies have with their website is this: People do not know what they do. The best way to fix this is to write a simple slogan or tagline that communicates the product or service your business provides.

Once we brand your business with a sharp tagline, we can move onto crafting a voice for your company to use in emails, social media, blogging and other communications. Having a consistent voice that represents your business will enhance your overall branding efforts.