Jill Rutherford

Vice President

Roles & Responsibilities:

As a partner and senior account manager, I spend most of my days juggling projects, working with clients and strategizing with our team. I’m the office peacekeeper and cheerleader. If there’s a problem, I’ll solve it. A sticky situation, I’ll diffuse it. A party, I’ll plan it.

Key Accomplishments:

Prior to merging with OCG Creative in 2008, I owned my advertising agency for 15 years. I had offices in Reno and Elko and established long-term relationships and clients along with a love for working in the rural areas. To be in a growing and thriving business, post economic mess, is something I consider a huge success!

At OCG, most proud of:

I love that we offer the total marketing package. Creative + Web Strategy + Marketing Automation = Total Integration! And fabulous results for our clients. The more pieces you have in the puzzle; the clearer the picture is.

Describe favorite client:

My favorite clients are the ones that love what they do….and let me do what I love. They see the value in what we do and focus on the results, not the costs.

Describe the “agency of the future”:

The key word here is future. If you’re not thinking about it, planning for it and preparing for it, you’re in trouble! We will change course, jump ship, fix leaks or grab paddles to row—whatever it takes to keep us afloat and heading in the right direction.


I work with clients to make sure our efforts align with their goals. That might mean putting together a media campaign, establishing an editorial plan, or developing brand standards. I can spot a typo from a mile away, and our programmers often come to me to debug their code (I may have embellished that last one…).

Other Interests:

My family, and making sure they’re taken care of is very important to me. I’m also an outdoorsy girl too! Regardless of what the weather’s like outside; I’m not one to just sit around.

Education & Certification:

I went to Chico State and got my Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and Communications. It was during a campaign project for one of my classes that I really got interested in pursuing this as a career.