Internet Marketing Background

Matt Siltala - Internet MarketerMatt Siltala is the master of the career change. He was a successful foam mattress retailer for close to 14 years, starting in 2004. Then in July of 2012, he made the unlikely move into digital marketing, where he quickly became an industry leader.

His company, Avalaunche Media handles the usual range of online marketing services like web design, SEO and PPC, but the agency hits its stride in visual communications. Serving clients like GoPro and Salesforce, you’re probably familiar with the company’s infographics and motion video, without realizing who created them.

About Matt Siltala

One of the things I love about Matt Siltala’s background is the absence of the usual collegiate pedigree. He’s got an AAS degree in CIS and a high school diploma. He’s carved out a career in business and marketing by being brilliant and getting results for his clients.

A quick scan of his LinkedIn profile shows that he’s anything but new to marketing and business. He’s got agency experience and SEO skills that reach back a long way.

Why I selected Matt Siltala as Internet Marketer of the Week

I first became aware of Matt Siltala when his face started popping up on speaking rosters for marketing events. Then I began making the connection to his work that I was seeing around.

In many ways, Matt’s story is similar to my own. Before launching my first agency, I had spent many years in retail (in my case, musical instruments), and had an AA degree. I also spent a lot of time providing SEO services to businesses while running that business.

Matt is fast becoming an Internet marketing icon because he is a great Internet marketer. He has aptitude, passion and drive. It’s great to see, and a true inspiration.