Image result for ross simmonds accomplishmentsWho is Ross Simmonds?

When selecting an internet marketer to be the subject of this weekly blog, we look for somebody who is making an impact in the IM industry. Ross is the perfect example of somebody who has become an IM and B2B thought leader. Ross is a B2B specialist with expertise is content marketing, social media, and storytelling. He has a passion for, in his own words,  “technology, the future, good people, good coffee, and storytelling”. Along with this he is an experienced entrepreneur. Ross owns a variety of businesses and brands that aim to help his fellow marketers, strategists, and entrepreneurs.

The B2B and Content Marketing Specialist

Ross is accomplished in many facets of the business world. To start, he’s a B2B and content marketing expert. Ross has worked with businesses ranging from startups to Fortune 500 brands to increase their brand awareness and ROI. As Ross puts it. “You can’t add fans & followers to the balance sheet. That’s a reality. But for many agencies & B2B professionals, that’s where the goalpost are and it’s exactly why many struggle to see ROI.” Ross uses his knowledge of the marketing process to help brands reach their ROI goals using content marketing. Along with his hands on work with brands, Ross wrote Stand Out: The Content Guide for Entrepreneurs. This book is Ross’s ultimate guide to understanding the ‘Why’ behind content marketing.

Ross as an EntrepreneurImage result for ross simmonds accomplishments

Ross works with other brands, but he also builds his own. As the founder of various companies, Ross has applied all of his B2B and content marketing knowledge to his own brands to build them into successes. He is the founder of Hustle & Grind, an eCommerce store specifically geared toward entrepreneurs, as well as other brands. Ross exemplifies the forward thinking content marketer that we, here at OCG, aim to bring onto our team. For more information on Ross Simmonds, you can visit his website and learn even more about what he’s working on.