Neil Patel’s Start in Internet Marketing

Internet Marketer of the Week: Neil PatelAs a high school student, Neil Patel was interested in making money…lots of money. Instead of looking for a job on Monster Jobs, Neil decided to start his own job board called Advice Monkey. He spent $5,000 building the job board, he launched it, and then he realized he would need to market it. He hired three marketing firms back to back, and then ended up firing each of them for providing little to no results. Neil then chose to learn how to do internet marketing on his own…and was pretty good at it. Even though Advice Monkey ultimately never succeeded, it was Neil’s pathway into the world of internet marketing.

During Neil’s first college class, he gave a speech on how search engines work and was able to score a consulting gig with Elpac Electronics. He realized there was a lot of money to be made doing internet marketing for companies, so he and his sitter’s boyfriend started up an internet marketing company together. Over the years, Neil has invested in several companies, some successful, others not so much. Ultimately, what Neil does, is help companies grow their revenue.

A Passion For Results

Neil Patel is very simply an internet marketing genius. He recognized that the ultimate goal is for more people to see or listen to your content, and to turn those people into customers. And, we agree with Neil, that you need an SEO plan in order to get these kinds of results. Neil’s plan consists of three steps that can be done in three months.

Three Month SEO Plan

The first month of the SEO plan consists of extensive research. In order to turn visitors to your site into customers, you have to make sure you are targeting the right keywords so that your leads are actually converting. Really the best and only way to do keyword research is to use a keyword research tool. Here at OCG Creative, we use SEM Rush to help us understand which words we should be focusing on so that we are bringing traffic to our clients’ sites.

The second month of Neil’s SEO plan is to optimize your on-page code and to build content. At OCG, we’ve taken this recommendation to heart. Because all of our sites are WordPress websites, we use a variety of tools and plugins to make sure they are readable to both Google and users. Also, building up your site’s content is crucial, so we make sure to post frequent blogs and continuously update content.

Month 3 of the SEO plan is where the real work begins. Building your domain authority through backlinks is hugely important to Google. Also, doing as much as you can to get eyes on your content is key. That’s why we help clients with developing and implementing a social media strategy.

Top Internet Marketer

As one of the top online marketers in the world, Neil is passionate about continuing to help companies grow their revenue. Both the United Nations and President Obama have recognized him as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under the ages of 30 and 35. Neil continues to live up to this title and continues to inspire internet marketers like us. Visit for tips on how to grow your business.