Who is Jay Baer?

A tequila collector, proud alumni from The University of Arizona, and an internet marketing genius scratches the surface of who Jay Baer is. Though we’re all probably curious what types of delicious tequila Jay has stored away, there is much more to be interested in rather than his stash of booze and Wildcats foam finger. Jay Baer is the current owner of his fifth multi-million dollar company, Convince and Convert, which builds some of the best digital marketing strategies. He has also written multiple books including Youtility: Why Smart Marketing is About Help not Hype which landed #3 on the New York Times business best seller list and was placed as a #1 Amazon bestseller. To top this all off, Baer is a member of the Professional Speaking Hall of Fame due to his inspiration and expertise in marketing, word of mouth, and customer service.

Baer’s Brand of Digital Marketing

Jay Baer has an innovative take on how to strategize digital marketing plans. His two-step process is used by his colleagues at Convince and Convert to double the performance of a company’s marketing within a year. Sounds pretty enticing if you ask me. Here’s the process:

Phase One: Strategic Priorities

Analyze the entire business. They review social media, content, word of mouth, website, reviews, and more since they are all tied to one another in the eyes of the consumer. After this, they interview members of the company, the stakeholders, and the customers to find where gaps are in perceptions and actualities. They’ll even interview your competitors. At the end of this phase, they give the client an overview of what they found with the research conducted and information gathered. The overview is always tailored with spirit for the process moving forward.

Phase Two: Strategic Plan

This area is designed to finish with a full digital marketing operating plan to leave your company with. All the way from what you need to do, when you need to do it, and how to measure it. Also in the plan is complete guidance on how to staff and the technology you’ll need to fulfill the plan’s destiny. Jay Baer continues to find innovative ways to market online. Like Convince and Convert, our team at OCG Creative aims to develop modernized ways to effectively meet our clients’ goals. For more information on Jay Baer, check out his personal website or his company website.