Internet Marketing Background

Author of 13 books and presenter of over 50 keynote speeches a year, it’s no wonder that Guy Kawasaki is our internet marketer of the week. A venture capitalist, entrepreneur and advisor to Google among many other titles, Guy has worked with clients including Nike, Audi, Apple and Microsoft. But what sets Guy apart is his enthusiasm for innovation and entrepreneurship.

About Guy Kawasaki

A marketing icon, Guy Kawasaki spent much of his early career learning how to sell.  After he graduated from Stanford University with a BA in psychology, he enrolled in the MBA program at UCLA. While there, he worked for a fine-jewelry manufacturer, which helped him learn the principles of selling. Later, he took a job at Apple as a “chief evangelist” – a position that required him to “maintain and rejuvenate the Macintosh cult.” Since then, he has worn many hats, including advisor, writer and speaker.

Why I selected Guy Kawasaki as Internet Marketer of the week

I first became aware of Guy Kawasaki after being given his book The Art of Social Media in one of my university classes. As any college student, I quickly scanned through the book, wondering if it was worth my time. But I quickly realized that this stood out against the towering pile of textbooks we were expected to read. It offered immediate and tangible value. Guy capitalizes on the idea that positioning and branding come down to what the consumer decides, not what you decide. As marketers, we do our best to communicate to the world that our services and products are unique and valuable.  But we must remember to continue to innovate, to look out for the next curve, and to roll with the decisions of our consumers. At OCG Creative, innovation is in each of our practices. From creating content strategies, to web development and lead generation – innovation is defined in each thought, definition and creation. For more information on Guy Kawasaki or to view his speech on innovation, visit him at