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André Morys is the CEO and founder of konversionsKRAFT (Web Arts AG), the leading conversion optimization agency in Germany. André Morys and konversionsKRAFT’s focuses on learning how businesses can increase their conversion rates through understanding your customers’ emotions, psychology, and behaviors. André Morys and his team have published many studies centered around these three topics and the effect they can have on businesses.

The study on empathic design

One of the major studies André and his team have conducted centered around the study of empathic product design. When you incorporate empathic design you are framing your product’s (or service’s) design process around your users’ needs, wants, and limitations. André’s study sought to determine the subconscious needs that customers don’t even know they have. With this information, any business could align the messaging of a product or service to these unknown desires and increase purchase motivation. Using shoes as an example, André’s team fleshed out the different buyer personas and then typically buy the offered shoes. Then, the team used a limbic map to identify which emotions resonate the most with a particular buyer persona. From there, a picture was painted about the overall values a persona subconsciously had. Here are three persona examples André found:

  • One persona considers themselves outside of mainstream culture. They value creativity and individualism.
  • Another believes they lead the culture in trend-setting. These people value pride and status.
  • For the persona who buys high-quality brands, they value security and loyalty.

André suggests building landing pages tailored to these specific values to motivate your customers to buy. The success of your own landing pages will rely heavily on using A/B testing to frequently fine-tune the messaging. For more information on André Morys, visit his Linkedin, or visit konverionsKraft’s website.