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Web Design is only the beginning.


Call it integrated marketing, cross platform marketing, multi-channel marketing or whatever you want. If you are in business, and you care about finding and keeping customers, we provide the tools to keep you where you belong... on top.

Of course, you need to look great. The OCG design team is, in a word, awesome! Creating your brand, designing logos, color psychology, the entire process should be one of the most rewarding aspects of building your business.

Web design without frustration.


Web design is hard. Sure, your cousin's best friend's sister can bang out a web page, but unless she happens to be a database engineer, internet marketing strategist and expert user experience designer with an absolute grasp on statistical analytics, you're going to get crushed.

Yes, that's a harsh statement, but the Internet is by far the most sophisticated marketing channel ever. In seconds, you have the ability to reach millions of customers anywhere in the world, and cultivate genuine human relationships with them.

Web design is a critical strategic process. It's also an evolutionary one. You can't simply put a website online and expect it to perform. Think long term and let us help you build a strategy to grow your business.


58% of Americans research products or services online.


When potential customers are searching, they’ll either find you or your competitors. With the use of our rockstar copywriters, graphic designers, search based and social based channels, we will help them find you first.


Pew Research Center Internet Project

Companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales ready leads at 33% lower cost.


Every page on your website should have a purpose- convert visitors into sales leads. Past lead generation, marketing automation will help your sales team intuitively nurture those connections to help push quality leads through the sales funnel.

Forrester Research

The Internet has expanded our world, but by no means has it encompassed it.


There are just some itches the Internet and all its glory still can’t scratch. So, if you can envision your logo on something, we can put it there. An we can do it without the commonplace printing frustrations. We do what we say we’re going to do, when we say we’re going to do it.

We've been growing businesses since 1994.

That's 20 years, and we still think like a startup!

It’s a whole lotta nerd, creativity, and coffee that makes this ship float.

Nevada Web Development

No one can out-engineer us.

Responsive web, database marketing, app development... Web development is hard. Take it seriously. We do.

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