Tiana Antonio

Tiana Antonio

Internet Marketing Specialist

Meet Tiana

"One who knows all the answers, has not been asked all the questions."

I help clients reach their marketing goals.

My day-to-day includes reviewing my client's progress in SEO, social media, paid search, lead generation, website content, and digital content.

Tiana is seen wearing a dress and a "Happy New Years" crown on.

- 4 months of in-house marketing. - Built an e-commerce website for goal-oriented planners. - 3+ years of working directly with clients in Career Services.
- Receiving a B.S. in Business Administration for Marketing in December 2021.

Tiana is seen in front of the Circa resort in Las Vegas.

Here's a little more about Tiana

Outside of business hours, I love going out and being surrounded by people. Whether that is going to happy hour, watching a movie, or trying a new food place, if there is any reason for me to get ready, I will be there! When I am not with friends or family, I spend a good amount of my time at the gym getting stronger or laying in bed being obsessed with a new TV show. Lastly, I love music festivals. I love everything from the highly-priced chicken tenders to watching your favorite artist perform to being surrounded by friends and good memories.