Raquel Cornejo

Writer and Content Strategist

Meet Raquel

"Be the change you wish to see in the world."

I aid in our clients success by writing content about their products/ services while ensuring it is relevant to their target market and the current state of affairs.

I work to help support the OCG Creative teams' goals and provide quality digital marketing across a variety of mediums. With a variety of clients, my position allows me to write about many different topics and learn new facts about the world around me.

As a new graduate, a lot of my professional experience is in customer service. I worked in restaurants to help me get through college. I started as a hostess and moved my way up into management or other leadership roles. I also have two years of experience working in mild to moderate special education as an instructional aide.
I obtained my Bachelor of Art in History with the distinction of Magna Cum Laude from California State University Long Beach. During this time I identified my passion for writing to inform others of exciting topics while creatively engaging with my research.

Here's more about Raquel...

My hobbies include reading both fiction and non-fiction, rock climbing, experimenting in the kitchen, researching the development of blockchain technology, and exploring landmarks, national parks, and museums. My philosophy is rooted in continuous learning so I enjoy challenging myself to "never be finished" in life.