Randolph Rego

Client Success Specialist

“What do you think?”

I am responsible for ensuring that our clients are successful in digital marketing.

I achieve success for our clients through effective communication. I handle the initial setup for our clients to make sure we are on the same page regarding your visions. Once I create a market brief of your vision and aspirations in a digestible format I pass it on to the rest of our amazing team. Once the website is live, the social media is growing, and the analytics are analytic-ing; I ensure that clients are having a positive experience with us. If a client has any questions, comments, or concerns I am the person you contact.

Two snowboards are seen. One has a geometric rabbit in blue and green. The other has a geometric fox in red and orange.

I started at OCG Creative in 2022
  • Associates of Business Western Nevada College
  • Bachelor of Marketing University of Nevada Reno (In progress)
  • Bachelor of Management University of Nevada Reno (in progress)

I am responsible for ensuring that our clients are successful in digital marketing.

I got into digital marketing way back in 2016 running an Instagram account for a Future Farmers of America (FFA) project. Within a year it grew into an organization across multiple social media platforms and I developed my passion for web design. I had a team of other FFA members that shared a passion for agriculture and digital marketing who would create posts, write blogs, and so much more. I left the project when I graduated from high school with over a million unique users viewing our content. I then started a web design business out of high school doing freelance work for small businesses and friends.

Work With Me

My favorite types of clients are the most passionate clients. No matter how “boring” a product or service you offer, a passionate owner can bring any business to life. Most people dread meetings, but meetings are my favorite because I love meeting with clients with passion.

Michelle is seen wearing a hard hat.

A bit more about me

Outside of work I enjoy learning new things, archery, and playing games of strategy. One of my biggest hobbies is playing poker as of now I am under 21 so I play on a free site called Replay Poker where I am a two-time champion and a tournament of champions runner-up. I enjoy games like Monopoly, Ticket to Ride, Dungeons and Dragons, Magic The Gathering, and any game that mixes the aspect of chance and high levels of strategic thinking. I am also an archery coach for 4-H where I teach my students how to master the art of archery.