Juliette Rose

Lead Designer - Front End Web Developer

"What font is that?"

I do design

Whether it’s branding, web developing or print work, I make sure it looks good while achieving your company’s objectives. My job is to visually communicate your concepts for your company and help craft a memorable identity for your brand.

I have a versatile design style and I pride myself in creating bold and unique yet simple designs. I love working with color and type-- choosing the right font for my designs is what I enjoy most! My skills include page layouts, branding, html/css, print, packaging and more.

Juliette is seen in front of a waterfall holding a dog.

I started at OCG Creative in 2019
AAS Graphic Communications

I can make it POP!

I love working with clients who know what they want, but keep an open mind for creative, out of the box- possibilities. But I’m not picky, and would love to work with anyone who allows me to design for them. I am diverse and adaptable for any change that comes my way, I love a challenge!

Juliette is seen in the air above a dry flat ground doing a grand Jete in ballet clothing. Her shadow is below her.

Dancer to Designer

Before I found my passion for design I was passionate for the art of dance. So much so, I invested 16 years of my life to it. Learning all the styles from ballet to jazz, to hip hop to tap. The discipline and principles of dance, such as strict alignments, shapes, lines, balance and movement is something I carried on to my own design style.

Aside from dancing and designing, I love to travel and experience new cultures. I love being outside and going on hikes. I love music and I love food. I also love my plants. And most importantly I am obsessed with my wiener dog. His name is Ropi (Hungarian for Breadstick!)