Eric Ray

Eric Ray

Senior Content Specialist

"Slingin’ synonyms and homonyms." - People Under the Stairs

I capture and share our clients’ visions through web page content, blogs, and multimedia.

When it comes to informing your audience, content is still king! I’m here to capture and share our clients’ visions through web page copy writing, blogs, and multimedia. By writing with a strategic purpose, I help our customers’ customers discover more about goods and services. Relevant writing also helps to increase our clients’ search engine rankings.

Eric's family

5 years in marketing cultivating a variety of brands
B.S. Business Administration, Marketing. University of Nevada, Reno.

It’s my job to ensure you’re content with your content!

I’m your guy to turn words into sentences and help bring brands to life!

Eric Snowboarding

A bit more about me

Creative expression is at the heart of what I do, both at work and on my own time. I get my writing fix at OCG, so when I’m AFK, you’ll find me tinkering in the garage, mountain biking, skiing, sewing, or cooking. Nothing makes me happier than working with my hands or being outside. Life’s short after all, so soak it all in, learn new things, and play just as hard as you work!