employee name

Clay Halliday

Production Manager

You had me at ‘hello, world’

If you’re interested in video and photography, I’m your guy

A good-looking website goes a long way in conveying the quality of products or services your business provides. Crisp photos of your products or a well-produced video demonstrating your service can make the purchasing journey for your potential customers all the more easy.

I’ll work with you to determine what is the best way we can incorporate photography and video content onto your website. For example, we may find that more friendly faces of your staff will help create a more personal connection. We’ll focus on producing content that can help solve challenges that your website may face while also engaging your customers too.

  • 2 Years working at OCG
  • Bachelor of Science, marketing, 2018
  • Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certified, 2018
  • Hubspot Content Marketing Certified, 2018
  • Youtube Growth Certified

Let’s get creative

My favorite type of client is one who is excited to create content about their business. A strong collaborative partnership always leads to some of the best content. Even a simple vision for the staff photos can help guide content creation in the right direction!

Here’s a little more about me

When I have the free-time I love to draw and improve my digital painting skills. While I say I listen to all kinds of music, I really just listen to funk and jazz. I am the proud father of one (currently alive) plant.