Chelsea Bosco

Director of Design & Development

Meet Chelsea

"I wonder what my dog is up to right now?"

Making things pretty again since 2016.

Every day is a new day, here at OCG. My daily responsibilities vary, but most of the time you will see me developing a website, creating a logo, giving design advice to my group of designers, as well just making sure everything is going smoothly and getting done on time. I also provide comedic relief and stories of my dog when needed (or not needed).

If you really want to know more about what I do, please keep reading. The above paragraph was just a synopsis of the many things that go on at OCG.

As the Director of Design and Development, I'm sure you guessed it, I oversee all of the design projects (branding development and marketing pieces) as well as provide support for all of our development tasks and web projects. I'm here to offer advice on design and UX and provide a shoulder to cry on when we're having technical difficulties. I help our clients visualize their brands and ideas and then work with the design team to bring our clients' vision to life. My goal is to make sure our clients are in love with their new brand and website.

Chelsea is seen with her dog. They are standing on some rocks with mountains behind them.

  • 3 years at OCG
  • 5 years of being a spirited designer
  • A.A.S. in Graphic Communication
  • Certificate in Graphic Communication

I'm here for you!

I make sure my team has what they need in order to complete a project successfully, but I also make sure the client is happy and on board with everything we are doing. I enjoy interacting with our clients and providing an easy and stress-free experience for them. Marketing should be FUN, not stressful, I am here for the client outcome and will strive to make their dreams come true.

Chelsea is seen standing on top of a mountain with her boyfriend. Behind them are two lakes and mountains.

When I’m not working, I’m....

Constantly bugging my boyfriend to help me with my latest DIY project or telling my dog what a good boy he is. When I’m not at home you can spot me in the mountains hiking or in the desert climbing up rocks watching my friends try to drive up those same rocks (boys are weird). I also enjoy time with my twin sister, a.k.a. built-in BFF, and family, joking about how awkward we were as children.

In short, I enjoy camping and creating things for my home. If you have anything cool saved on Pinterest, please share!