cassidy lyon

Cassidy Lyon

Senior Content Strategist

Meet Cassidy

“Good content is not storytelling - it’s telling your story well” - Anne Handley

I write content for websites and blogs specific to the clients needs

Writing has always been something I’ve enjoyed doing, and now I get to write with a greater purpose. Our clients all have different needs and preferred writing styles and I enjoy getting to use that diversity to expand my knowledge of writing and provide quality content for each client. I also enjoy researching various topics and love that I get to learn new things everyday at work.

My main goal when creating content for websites or blogs is to write them for search engine optimization. Utilizing important keywords into a website’s content will help our client’s presence become more well known and direct the right traffic to their site.

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  • I’ve been with OCG since May 2019
  • Currently enrolled at TMCC
  • Working towards a degree in Accounting

Writing for Quality

I love getting to work with clients that are more involved in the writing process. Hearing their feedback and suggestions helps me create content that they can be proud of, and gives me a better sense of their preferred writing styles. I try to take the same passion they have for their business and incorporate that into their content to really reflect the dedication they have for their company. I’ll write and rewrite content until it’s perfect because I want to give the client the best quality work possible.

Cassidy is seen in a wedding dress and a bouquet with her husband, Zach

Here’s a little more about me

I was born and raised in Reno, Nevada and grew up with a twin sister who I get to call my best friend. While being a native to the city of Reno, I’ve gotten to appreciate all that this town and it’s surrounding areas have to offer. I do look forward to experiencing new adventures sometime down the road though. I mostly enjoy spending time at home with my husband, Zach and my dog, Graham, but I also enjoy reading and getting together with friends at local breweries. Although right now I’m busy going to school and working, I hope to one day have a family of my own and I’ve always looked forward to someday becoming a mom.