brie lucia

Brianne Lucia

Internet Marketing Associate - Social Media

“ Post up, boy!”

Bringing strategy to social media

It seems like today everyone is on some kind of social media platform. Your nephew has more followers than you on Twitter and your grandmother posts daily on Facebook. But while everyone does social media, not many people do it well.

I bring strategy to your business’s social media. This may include analyzing the perfect platform where your customers are or creating engaging posts that drive conversions. Let’s show your customers how exciting your business is!

  • 5 months at OCG
  • 1 year in Social Media Marketing
  • Bachelors in Communication Studies & Business Administration
  • Content Marketing Course, Social Media Course, Instagram Marketing Strategy Course, Facebook Ads Training Course

Collaboration is key

To be successful in social media, it requires collaboration. My most successful clients are the ones who actively contribute to their social media. I love when clients want to assist in creating a content calendar with me. Even clients who are constantly taking photos of their employees or an exciting conference they went to always get better results.

About me

I’m always cooking, whether to try a new recipe or as an excuse to drink some wine. Currently I’m starting to get into pottery. Luckily, I’ve only broken most of my projects. I’m also the top performer in my K-6 lazer tag team *pew pew*.