Michelle Bailey

Graphic Designer

Roles & Responsibilities:

Whether it’s Print media or Digital media, I’ll do my best as a designer, to come up with creative and effective ways to solve our client’s needs.

Key Accomplishments:

I won two gold American Advertising Awards (ADDYs) for Student Poster Design and Student Logo Design in Reno that went on to win Silvers at the District Award level. It was a fantastic experience and opportunity for me

At OCG, most proud of:

The team of people I get to work with, being one of the newer members I am still learning some of the ropes with a lot of help and support from everyone. Everyday we work together and support each other and our clients to make sure every project goes well.

Describe favorite client:

My favorite client is someone who is willing to become part of the team, even if it only temporary. Excellent communication is critical when it comes to getting projects done well and timely, and working together is the best way to do it!

Describe the “agency of the future”:

The world IM and Design is constantly evolving, so being able to change with it while keeping in mind the fundamentals is the key to staying relevant in the future. We strive to be The “Agency Of The Future!”


While not a fan of writing (thank goodness for our fantastic IM team), I love page layout and typography. Give me content, and I’ll create an awesome layout using typography, color, and composition that will keep readers interested! I also excel and love making icons, logos, and illustrations.

Other Interests:

I love board gaming, I meet up with friends at least once a week to play, and I am currently designing my own; I am working on both the game mechanics and graphics. When I’m not working on my game or playing other games, I enjoy baking, printmaking, video games, and playing with my amazing, permanent puppy, Pixel.

Education & Certification:

Associate of Applied Science in Graphic Communications:
Truckee Meadows Community College